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stem cells for diabetes
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The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine - a state-funded stem cell agency - is funding a clinical trial for a new device that shows tremendous potential in treating type 1 diabetes. We're holding an online, interactive Google Hangout to talk about that trial and all the other exciting stem cell research taking place that is focused on finding treatments and even a cure for diabetes. It's free, it's going to be fascinating and you can post questions for the experts to answer. The Google Hangout will be on Thursday, January 23rd from noon till 1pm (PST) or 3p - 4p EST. We have already created an event page here - http://bit.ly/1etUz6x - so feel free to check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Kevin McCormack
Communications Director, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

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Dr John
Dr John 2014-01-11 09:08:56 -0600 Report

What prevents the immune system from destroying the new beta cells? The answer is nothing. Diabetes type 1 is an immune system problem.

stem cells for diabetes
stem cells for diabetes 2014-01-07 18:07:25 -0600 Report

Hey Gabby, the Hangout is interactive in that it features several guests answering questions that are posted online by the audience. Or you can send me any questions you might have ahead of time and I can make sure they are covered in the event. Only the guests can talk, but everyone can see and hear and follow along. The nice thing is that even if you can't watch the event live it gets posted to YouTube afterwards so you can watch it at your leisure

RachelChavez 2014-01-07 17:19:50 -0600 Report

I hope you will all help us welcome Kevin to the community. He will be sharing his latest findings on his research with our community. Welcome Kevin!

stem cells for diabetes
stem cells for diabetes 2014-01-06 10:35:42 -0600 Report

I know, it seem like we've been talking about the promise of it for so long, but now the science is actually there and it's moving into clinical trials. Good science takes time and this time we're hopeful it will pay off.

jarett88 2014-01-04 21:54:07 -0600 Report

All do respect Kevin I've been hearing about stem cell research since the 80s. Just seems to get peoples hopes up and nothing comes from it.

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