Extreme bad control of taking injections

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Hey guys,

I'm 17 in a month and have the poorest control of my diabetes.

I'm type one and was diagnosed in September 2007 so nearly 7 years!

I've never haas great control or even good control. My bloods have never been constantly below 12mmol/l

End of August I gained control of diabetes quite well. I got my Hba1C from 108 down to 80 and I felt amazing! I then started college. When I'm busy and stressed out I completely forget to do my injections. I completely forgot to do them. The only injection I would do is my mantis before bed. This is still the case.

I'm now starting to feel the impact with symptoms such as extreme headaches, no concentration, tiredness, weight gain veery quickly, aches and pains in muscles especially legs and back. I also get a bubbling sensation feeling in my top right thigh.

I have also got a under active thyroid that's poorly controlled too.

Please please please can anyone suggest ways to help me get control again before it gets more serious!!

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dietcherry 2014-01-02 01:32:51 -0600 Report

It took being rushed to the ER when I was 17 with ketoacidosis and extreme dehydration to open my eyes and get me compliant again. The Dr there gave me some tough love. He said he really didnt know why he was wasting his time on me cuz I clearly didnt care about myself so why should he? He then told me he hoped I was proud of myself for causing myself kidney damage (I found out later this was a LIE but hey it worked lol). As he got up to leave his parting shot was for me not to expect to live long if I didnt change my ways.
Ouch. The shame and fear was what it took for me personally to get back in line and the thought of a future riddled with diabetic complications keeps me there.

Ask yourself how much your good health is worth to you and any answer short of "priceless" is cause for alarm. Not caring can be fatal. Our bodies are built to be resilient and damage from D is cumulative so an occasional bad day is not the end of the world but there needs to be alot more good days than bad.

Spending time at DC will help—-there is a ton of support here so seek it out.

0215Daryl 2014-01-01 20:15:16 -0600 Report

Ps. I just read the rest of this post about the bubbling sensation in right thigh, I used to get that to when my sugars ran high. As soon as I lowered my sugars it went away.

0215Daryl 2014-01-01 20:07:37 -0600 Report

Hang in there and always remember as you get older it becomes easier to manage. I to had terrible control when I was in my teens, Matter of fact I ran around like I didn't have Diabetes. I got it when I was 13. As long as you are trying you will get better at it. Learn what foods are carbohydrates as opposed to proteins,Then keep your Carbs low and spread them out. Try not to snack before meals and if you munch out take a bit more insulin to cover. Also I want you to know not to worry I have had bad control when I was young for years at a time and when I finally started to "get it" About 10 years back I had no bad side effects from all the years of running my sugar crazy. The quicker you get it together the less chances you have of complications… You got this. Any questions you may post to my wall anytime. Thanx for accepting me as your friend. Have a Great new Year and remember extra calories+ Extra insulin to cover. Manipulate the pancreas that does not work in our body.

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