I want my hair back!!

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I've been a type 1 diabetic for three years now. I got diagnosed when I was 18 and I'm 21 now. When I first got diagnosed I was told a lot of information about it and what to do to take care of myself but one thing I was not told was about my hair. I've always had thick hair and it use to grow like a weed now it's thinning on my edges and it's growing at a slow rate and it's not thick. I'm annoyed because I should've been told about the affects that the insulin would do to my hair when I first found out I was a diabetic that way I would've gotten a head start and quickly found a simple hair regime to keep my hair from looking the way it is now. All i want is my hair back!! I miss the way it use it be bad it's causing me to be kinda insecure. Any suggestions?

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ladykia36 2014-01-02 17:25:07 -0600 Report

I seen someone said diabetic shampoo? is there such a thing??
I have been diabetic for three years now.. I know i have a lot of stress and stuff as well, but I had thick hair myself and now thin. I am 41 years old. My numbers are always good. I'm working on my doctor to take me off medication. I honestly don't see why I can't if I'm doing good. but he says no..

jaydoubleyou23 2014-01-04 00:41:29 -0600 Report

Here's a link so some diabetic shampoo. http://m.walgreens.com/mt/www.walgreens.com/s...

ladykia36 2014-01-06 08:55:31 -0600 Report

i spoke to a dermatologist. I'm awaiting on his thoughts. I will know Friday. I think for me it's stress related and or menopause moving early .. boo .. not going to worry about things anymore. can't. things are what they are .. healthy and alive at the moment is what's important. :-)

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-01-01 15:01:03 -0600 Report

I am T-2. When I was diagnosed, my hair stylist told me what to do to prevent hair breakage and what products to use. I have had no problems with my hair.

If I were you, I would first speak to my doctor about the hair loss. Then find a good salon and find a regimine you can follow. A new cut and style can make a difference.

dagger1234 2014-01-01 14:24:42 -0600 Report

I didn't know about type 2 diabetes and or diabetes overall…that the disease affects your vision and teeth. What else was I not told? I know about the dry skin.