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I was diagnosed with the blood sugar of about 660.You know what it means?
4 month left and I Could control it in the way that my insulin injection reduced to one time a day and it was in the morning and with that 10 units insulin which I took I had hypoglycemia in the evening and it would go up just once a month or sometimes once a week.You know,I ate dinner two times.One time because of low blood sugar and one time the daily one.
But what about now(1.5 year after those days).I take insulin 2 times with high amounts but I still can't control it.The average is about 190 or 200(maybe more).
Any helps.I don't know what to do.

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Stuart1966 2014-02-13 20:33:40 -0600 Report

Lets set something aside first, and see if that helps maybe… ?

Let's pretend for grins and giggles that diabetes CANNOT be "controlled"? You can make severe dents, make some olympic efforts, teach the beast obedience, or at least respect… but what you get when that is all done is simply serious effort, consistency, never some pie in the sky text book IDEAL.

If that were the case would that be ok?

Effort not equaling a tangible result, a lack of cause and effect we can pin down, leads to dark moments of the spirit, emotional ashes and will break the best and strongest of us easily.

I am not certain I am reading you correctly. You are a new diabetic, less than 5 years, I gather? Lets break this down into smaller pieces and maybe we can sort it out a little bit better, ok?

All of us have to take a look at the smaller pieces, and see what we can figure out. Find patterns… are you able to take blood sugar tests every day? How many times a day, usually is normal for you to test? Its as good a place to start as any…


denipink57 2013-12-30 04:09:12 -0600 Report

have you seen an Endocrinologist? ask your doctor for a referral. have you tried having several smaller meals a day? do you eat a starch with every meal? the most important thing is that you see a doctor. good luck. keep posting if you have concerns.

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