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Started 2013-12-28 22:49:01 -0600

My last two Ac1 tests have been bad, doctor is suggesting insulin once a day and cut my oral medication out. Is there any side effects with insulin?

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jdenton360 2013-12-31 16:44:08 -0600 Report

I believe if you count your carbs careful taking insulin is great. The only side affect I'm having after being on insulin 6 years. Is it's hard to control my weight even with watching what I eat and exercising daily. Good luck!

denipink57 2013-12-30 04:47:22 -0600 Report

i take both Humalog and Lantus insulin. i take it in different combos and insulin with every meal. all it does is control my blood sugar, keeping me in the zone. there are no side effects for me of any kind in more than 2 years. without my insulin i would surely die. please take your insulin and don't worry. it is every bit as important to your well being as food and water is. good luck :)

_Sean 2013-12-29 16:20:48 -0600 Report

The only affects it will have are good ones. It will keep you healthy. Your body produces it normally to keep you alive, so it's not like you are taking a drug.

GabbyPA 2013-12-29 11:08:06 -0600 Report

Lows and weight gain are the only side effects that are common. Sometimes there is an allergy to the type of insulin used. There can be discomfort from injecting cold insulin, so if you can, let it warm up a little before injecting it.

I am surprised with a 7.6 they are making you use insulin.

kimfing 2013-12-29 10:07:55 -0600 Report

The only side effect I've heard about is a possible ave weight gain on about six pounds. And the obvious one is low bs if you take too much. Need to know your carb to insulin ratio.

dagger1234 2013-12-29 01:25:26 -0600 Report

My ac1 when I first was diagnosed, I was at 9! I'm newly diagnosed so it'll be another 2 months until I see where I'm at but, I am starting with insulin once a day but I am also on oral medication too for insulin. It is helping and my diabetic educator said if I keep up my diet and exercise, I can probably be perm off insulin! Yay. And no I don't think there are any side effects from insulin. But that's just from my experience. Read the label on yours