Don't let temptation get the best of you! Keep an eye out for the the BOOGIE MAN!

By jigsaw Latest Reply 2013-12-20 13:35:48 -0600
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He'll sneak up on you if your not cautious. He'll get you if you let food temptations overtake you too often. Allow yourself to be too lazy, and ZAP! He often creates complications when you least expect it!
His first name is??? Ok I'll tell you, its Diabetes! His second name is complication. That's right folks, diabetes complication is a nasty insidious boogie man that gets his victims when they least expect it.
Here's a link that explains it. Also, a very good reason to take care of yourself!!!

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-12-20 10:11:59 -0600 Report

The thought of there being such a thing as the boogie man is an insane concept. The reality is diabetes can strike anyone at any time. Anyone can have a heart attack, kidney disease, or a stroke. This is not limited to diabetes as this article suggests. This is why I refuse to read much of the stuff the media rights. They always make it seem as though only obese people have these diseases which is far from the truth. If people would spend there time with there doctor asking questions they would find out what can be done to prevent much of the problems we have medically.

jigsaw 2013-12-20 10:59:53 -0600 Report

The Boogie man in this case, is just a figure of speech, used jokingly and to get attention to a serious subject. I guess it's working! I agree with you that anyone can have a heart attack or a stroke, and for many reasons. This article focuses on the complications of diabetes, and does not imply that heart attacks or strokes are limited to those with diabetes only.
I agree with you, as far as having talks with one's doctors. Doctors are not the almighty however, and it pays to do your own research also. The more informed that we become as laymen and patients, the more intelligent our questions become.
Yes Joyce, there is some poor media out there, and one must apply common sense when reading it and even use caution in some cases. On the other hand, if an article is coming from a reliable and respected source, then it more than likely contains valuable, helpful info. To gather info from a reliable source is to better take a pro-active role as to ones health.
The article in this post was reviewed by Pat F Bass lll. He is an MD and holds an MPH ( master of public health) as well.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-12-20 13:35:48 -0600 Report

I did reserch this person and deemed him qualified to write the article. However, a lot of people do not do that and get information from blogs and articles written by reporters who are far from qualified to give information as medical.

I totally agree with you doctors are not the almighty, however, the doctor is more educated than the lay person. You can use the information you read as a basis for asking your doctor question but you also have to use common sense and make sure the information is coming from a reliable source. I reseach the arthor of the article before I read it. Don't want to waste time reading something from another layperson who is far from qualified to write the article.

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