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Hello, my fiancé is diabetic type 1, and I have very little on understanding on how things work. Eg mood swings, low blood sugars ect. My other half is very new to having been diagnosed with diabetes (September 2013). I know little information about how insulin works, and that he needs to keep regular checks on his blood pressure. But what I am trying to understand is the mood swings, I understand that it's in some what your body giving you signals that something isn't right, I also understand that it can be when blood sugars are high or low. I need some form of understanding of how I can help to prevent these mood swings. Also we are planning to start trying for a family, can diabetes prevent fertility? If I can be given some sort of light, I would be very much grateful. He has accepted the diagnosis very well, and takes each day as it comes, he has known about diabetes his whole life, due to his dad having it too. I know I could talk to them both about the matter, but I don't want them to feel uncomfortable with the questions I am asking. Please help me understand. Many thanks x

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Hello and welcome. I have lived w a type 1 for last 21 years and now i am new dx as of last April. There is a lot of good information on this website. I also got some good info sent to me from jdrf that was free. We go to all Dr appt together so there is no misunderstanding of what Dr might have said. Does he keep a log? That helps a lot for me. I use app called diabetes connect in android. You might want to keep a log of his mood swings so u can understand maybe what the cause was. I can tell my hubby is low just by the color of his face. If he gets snappy it usually means he's going low. If he is low, and swats my hand away when i try to test his bs, that tells me I need to call 911 because he wouldn't do that if his bs was ok. Everyone is different so u will have to find out what your fiance is like. It will take some time. Its only been a few months. Stay strong and supportive. You can do it together. This disease is a teams effort. :-):-):-):-)

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