Sister diagnosed with diabetes

By that_diabetic_chick Latest Reply 2013-12-11 19:49:56 -0600
Started 2013-12-11 17:27:04 -0600

My sister just got diagnosed with diabetes luckily she is not on insulin yet because of trial net but I can't shake the feeling that my twin sister has does anybody know how I can quit dwelling on this cause she can be put on insulin any day or several years from now.

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GabbyPA 2013-12-11 19:35:16 -0600 Report

Using insulin is not a huge deal. It is actually more natural than a lot of the pills they put us on. Dwelling on it may just be because you have a fear of it. Maybe a personal fear of needles or a worry of loss of freedom. Don't worry about it. Find ways to channel that worry into productive help and coaching for her as she works on her diet and getting exercise.

that_diabetic_chick 2013-12-11 17:50:20 -0600 Report

Thanks I do try and not show my pain but it's hard and she has her moments where she throws a fit about it do right now I'm just a supporter for like a role model for her

jaydoubleyou23 2013-12-11 17:45:17 -0600 Report

My advice is you just got to accept it and be strong for her. If she sees you dwelling on it it will make her feel worse. Just be strong and know everything will be okay. :)