Type 2 Diabetes

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I have been living with diabetes since I was nine years old. I am now 22. I have always had trouble taking care of myself and keeping my sugars under control until August 2012 that was when my husband and I found out we were having our first baby. This was the only time I've actually took care of myself I even had my A1C's at 5.3 my entire pregnancy. Even with the good news I did receive bad news as well. I found out I have neuropathy and recently found out I have retinopathy in 2010 I was hospitalized because my kidneys were infected. You'd think I would learn but sadly no. My daughter is now seven months old and at first I was doing what I needed but I am now back not taking are of myself I know I'm horrible an I'm scared not what might happen but what will happen next. I don't want to live like this but I feel like I have to live this way maybe some kind of punishment? On top of it I do suffer from anxiety and depression. Thank you family genes, I don't need criticism I just need support and friends. So thank you for reading this and commenting.

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Hey there!!! Diabetes sucks! It's hard! It's frustrating!! So, now that we've got that outta the way… The best advice I can give u is to really try to get it under control!! You don't have to live like this!! You want to take care of your daughter, not have her take care of you!!! Plus when you start eating healthier once she starts table foods you can teach her good habits! She's already predisposed so you have to be extra careful!! You can do this… If not for yourself… Donut bc you want to watch your beautiful baby grow up & see your grand kids once she's older. I think in a way we are all scared bc we don't know our future holds, but in the meantime we should do what we can to control what we can & pray that everything works out!! Good luck! Message me If you need to! Living with diabetes at a young age is hard… So i understand!