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Hello. I am new here on the DC site. I was diagnosed with Type 2 D about a year and a half ago. I went in for my annual physical and blood tests. Well, you all know the results. My A1C was over 8 and my BG was around 300. (Don't drink Pepsi before testing your BG). My Dr put me on Metformin immediately and fussed at me about my weight. I started tracking my consumption using the available program at which is similar to the Weight Watcher's program without the monthly cost. I managed to bring my A1C down to 5.9 or so as of last June. I will be having it checked again later this month. I've done away with most of my diet that came as prepackaged foods warmed up in the microwave and cook much more of the dietary needs for both myself and my wife.

So far sounds good right? Well, my weight is still up there where I need to lose about 50 pounds. Why? I LOVE MY CARBS !!!! I don't want to give them up. Corn, breads, spaghetti, POTATOES, and popcorn are mainstays. How do I break this "habit"?

Oh and what is this recent craving for salt that I have developed?

Just tossing some thoughts out. I'll be around now and again.

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jayabee52 2013-12-11 04:23:33 -0600 Report

Howdy sugarfreak!

You sound like I was pre- Feb 2011.

I wasn't 300 but I was approaching 250 on a 5' 6" frame, and gaining weight. I was on NPH insulin and I had just moved from CA to LVNV to be near one of my sons.

While I was staying at his home for a while, I dropped my last vial of NPH and it shattered on the tile floor. I hadn't yet established with a Dr, so I emailed my PCP in CA asking for a new scrip for the NPH. While I was waiting I decided to try to minimize my Blood Glucose (BG) rise through eating low carb/high protein. I discovered I could do well on that meal plan and decided to experiment with eating low carb/high protein and see if I could manage my Diabetes Mellitus type 2 (DMT2) without the use of Diabetes medications. It seems that my pancreas was producing enough insulin to control my DMT2 if I ate very carefully. I also got my A1c down to 5.5 and I lost 65 lbs in about 5 mo. I was urged by others to write up my meal plan and so I did.

You may find it here ~ Please do me the kindness of reading and commenting on that discussion regarding your thoughts on the plan. I have adapted it since then to account for my Kidney disease for which I need dialysis, and of course you may adapt it to meet your needs and tastes.

I pray you find what you need to get your BG levels under better control

James Baker

OldSugarFreak 2013-12-11 15:11:32 -0600 Report

Truth be told I was at 260 on a 6'2" frame though I look heavier due to my unique weight distribution. No insulin injections, simple Metformin does the trick. I will read through your meal plan and see how I like it.



One Step at a Time
One Step at a Time 2013-12-09 04:33:15 -0600 Report

Im a type 1, so this may be a little different. However, I do have a very strict weight window to stay healthy. Here are some weight loss tricks that may help. They worked for me:
- it the soft drinks significantly. No diabetic should drink real ones anyway, and many people retain the artificial sweeteners as fat deposits because it is harder for our bodies to break down the chemicals.
- avoid artificial sweeteners. Choose healthy sweetener options like: adding real fruit (chicken baked with peaches), honey, sweet peppers with your salad
- half your dinner plate should be raw or cooked veggies (zero carb foods): Lettuce, spinach, squash, peppers…think salad.
- 1/4 plate for carbs (corn, potatoes, pasta)
-1/4 plate protein
- flavor foods with crushed red pepper versus salt.
- drink LOTS of water to flush toxins from your body.

- increase activity by taking the stairs, walk the long way around a store, do some stretches before your shower/bed.

These principles have helped me loose 50+ pounds after my boys were born, before I was diagnosed. Now they are helping me maintain very good a1c and BG levels.

My dad has quit smoking and lost many pounds by following these guidelines. You can still eat, just not exactly like before.
*notice I left out sweets- save those for special occasions. :) make it a real treat.

DulaxTrainer 2013-12-10 10:40:20 -0600 Report

Popcorn has and my nighttime snack for quite sometime now. I will pop a bag of popcorn, and I have that last me for about four days, and I find that if I portion it out my sugars don't get all too crazy

OldSugarFreak 2013-12-10 11:58:29 -0600 Report

4 days huh? I'm lucky to make a bag of popcorn last 40 minutes. I'm beginning to see that there are a lot of little things that I should be doing that will help my situation.

GabbyPA 2013-12-08 11:58:36 -0600 Report

Well a 5.9 is to be congratulated! Weight loss or not, that is good.

My kicker carb is pasta and I tried hard as I might to find ways to substitute for it, but have found that I just can't, so I have weaned myself off of it. I don't eat it anymore. It's hard at first, but eventually I found I don't really miss it. I use zucchini, spaghetti squash or other roasted veggies as my "bed" for a sauce.

You may want to check your sodium levels in your system to see if your salt craving is not happening for a reason. Often our bodies tell us we need something and we ignore it. It often tells us we need fiber, greens, and healthy foods and we ignore it. Salt is important to our bodies, so I would ask about that.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-12-07 19:14:59 -0600 Report

Congrats on your progress. Too lose weight means you have to cut calories and lower your carbs. I lost well over 100 lbs when I cut out everything white including potatoes, pasta of all kinds, rice and bread for an entire year. I do not drink juice. I only drink water, tea, coffee and diet soda.

You say that corn, breads, spaghetti, potatoes an popcorn are your mainstays and that you don't want to give them up. You don't have to but it will be harder to lose the weight. The choice is yours, either break the habit or keep the weight.

OldSugarFreak 2013-12-07 19:28:28 -0600 Report

You (don't) know but I managed to quit smoking about 5 years ago after 40 years of active consumption. If I can do that I can give up or at least cut down on the white stuff. You are absolutely correct, it is my choice. If you lost 100 in a year I should be ready for the beach by summer 2014. Here goes.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-12-07 20:10:58 -0600 Report

If you can quit smoking which I am trying to do, then losing the weight shouldn't be a problem. I was bound and determined to lose some weight. I am still losing at a much slower weight. I could no longer afford to buy clothing every 3 weeks. It was frustrating. Good luck.

OldSugarFreak 2013-12-07 20:36:11 -0600 Report

The smoking was both hard and easy. I had wanted to stop for some time and had started to cut back (at least I think I did). One Christmas we went to see my grandson and came home sick. That illness lasted about two weeks. During that time I could not take a puff without coughing HARD with every puff. By the time that I was finally feeling better I had stopped cold turkey. I took a puff a couple of weeks ago out of boredom and realized just how bad they taste now. It's funny because my wife still smokes so I am around it all the time but I really don't want to start up again. Maybe I should catch the flu and stop eating !!! :-)

Glucerna 2013-12-07 12:26:49 -0600 Report

Congratulations for making changes to your eating habits to manage diabetes. Are you still using myfitnesspal to track your food choices? That can be a good way to identify places where you could eat smaller portions, or substitute a food with less calories to help you reach your weight loss goal. I bet your doctor is going to be thrilled with your progress! ~Lynn @Glucerna

OldSugarFreak 2013-12-07 19:32:19 -0600 Report

Thanks Glucerna. Yes, I managed to kick things down a notch or two but I still fall back into old habits now and again. I had stopped using myfitnesspal back in July but it is time to get back into that habit and keep track of what I am putting into my systems. Thrilled? He is never thrilled he always sees me at my worst. :-)

kaypee 2013-12-07 10:46:41 -0600 Report

That is awesome! bringing your A1C to a 5.9!! I can not remember the last time mine was at a normal level. I have been at a 12 so long the lowest I could bring it down is 9 and I was starving. Food is very dificult for me to control and I just love it so much its my biggest challange. I can tell you are very determined and I encourage you to always be that way, once you let your self go like I did, its so hard to bring it back down no matter what you do.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-12-07 20:18:57 -0600 Report

Kaypee foods that are high in fiber help you feel fuller longer. It was hard cutting back at first and I felt like I was going to starve to death. Food is difficult for you to control because you made it difficult.

I bought a scale and weighed everything I ate. I counted every calorie and carb that went into my mouth. The doctor put me on a 1200 calorie diet. I lowered it to 1000. I ate Tuscan Herb crackers with cream cheese and coffee for breakfast with a piece of sausage or 2 strips of bacon. I would have a fruit cup for a snack and chicken salad with crackers for lunch raw carrots or sugar free jello cup for lunch and dinner was a protien, veggie, and a light starch followed by a snack just before bed. Once I learned to balance out my meals I was never hungry.

Today I can now add a real cookie, a scoop of ice cream, a few chips for a snack and I don't have a problem. It is all in how you use portions, carbs, calories and exercise.

OldSugarFreak 2013-12-07 19:34:02 -0600 Report

Thanks Kaypee - Bringing my A1C down was not that hard. I simply stopped consuming 2+ liters of non-diet soft drinks every day 7 days a week. Now I have to work on the weight. I had lost about 20 but have since regained most of it. Time to get back on the stick and get my eating under control.

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