EXERCISE correlates predictably with BS.

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I fell into this understanding by 'accident'. Six months ago, I began bike riding, building slowly to 30 miles in 3.5 hours or so, To avoid injury I paced this over 60 days. I enjoy so many aspects of riding my recumbent. Fresh air, endorphins fixing some or all of my depression, beautiful scenery, improving my cardio/vas, stress reduction, and guess what folks? better bs control! not only that, but learning that there is a repeatable correlation. Twice now, after a two hour ride, bs from 170 to 70, in the pm. I have an app that records the elevation change, distance and time and calculates the calories burned. How can it be that 1600 calories burned = 400 carbs burned. No wonder I snack during the ride, consuming 30 to 60 grams of carbs. I remember those aching moments over the past 4 years of having too hi bs show up on my meter and thinking "oh my" whatever am i to do to get it down. I used to walk around the block a couple of times and saw little change. Now I just go for a ride. So, tomorrow when I plan a 30 miler or so, I shan't inject my usual 12 units of lantus solar star, and I will be just fine. Why do I share this with you? There is very little written on the subject of…"finding a favorite way of exercising, then test to see the effects as you build up the time and energy expended." You might be surprised and encouraged as I am. I was euphoric last week, when " I got it." Everyone asks " Well, you are controlling it, aren't you." Now I can reply enthusiastically - you bet; I have one more very important tool now.

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Your post is 2 years old. How's it going on the bike.

I too started cycling again when I retired last year. I have been T2 diabetic for about 23 years. I got back on my bikes because I had the time and my knees were achy, and I love riding. I don't ride as long or far as you going about 12 miles for 1 hour daily. I have very good control and my blood pressure and resting heart rate are very good. My doc is astounded.

What is the app that you use, is it Stravia? I've thought about it but keep looking for an app that would integrate the features of Stravia and health data, i.e. BG, B.P. and heart rate. That would show trends and the effects riding is having.

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