Paying for Diabetic Training

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My local hospital offers a month long class for $700.00 to educate new diabetics. I need more information but $700.00 sounds very high for information. Does anybody think it worth it, health wise, for a new diabetic? I am on the border on this one. Insurance will not cover this. Thanks, Angie

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2008-12-30 07:49:16 -0600 Report

Thank you all for your advise! I did talk with my doctor and I did get a prescription for my classes! Yeah! I never would have know this without you guys. I start the first week of January so I'll let you know if I learn some useful things! Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question. Take care! Angie

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2008-12-29 10:04:22 -0600 Report

This is a good discussion and extremely helpful to those newly diagnosed…just what this site is all about. We are so fortunate today to have so much help and information at our fingertips via the computer. Between information that your doctor should provide and information available in books, articles and internet sites, you should really be able to educate yourself pretty well. And that is definitely very important.

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann 2008-12-29 09:36:46 -0600 Report

My dr gave me a perscription and my insurance paid for the whole thing. We had 4 classes and than 1 month later we went back for a one on one meeting to check how we were doing.

sexyswamprat 2008-12-28 22:56:20 -0600 Report

When I was dx my doctor signed me up for a 6 weeks diabetic class that was paid for by the state. I had insurance but it was not nescessary. You might check into in your state.


2008-12-29 06:13:00 -0600 Report

Had not thought of that either! Thank you and i will definitely check! Thanks again, Angie

Anonymous 2008-12-28 10:54:41 -0600 Report

My doctor also wrote a prescription for my classes at my local hospital. It is even call Diabetic Education Center. We met for 4 weeks on Saturday morning 8-11. Then we had lunch. After the 4 weeks we went home for a month and met back one more Saturday to see how we were doing. During the classes we learned about nutrtion, meds, how diabetes affects all organs. We even all got a new meter and practiced using it. We were giving a whole notebook full of information, and we had homework for each class. All was covered by my insurance even the meter. Plus we were given a certificate that we completed the class and if we ever have problems we can call to get advice from the nutritionist or the diabetic nurse. I loved the class, the people in there with me were a hoot. I would not have paid for it and $700 dollars seems a little high to me. Most hospitals should have a diabetic class. Mine even has a support group that meets once a month. i have never gone but I have had friends that go and they share all kinds of info and recipes with each other.

gma 2008-12-28 11:18:28 -0600 Report

wow now that is a class worth going to like I said mine was only 2 days and I really didnt learn much thank God for this site

Pauline B
Pauline B 2008-12-28 10:44:20 -0600 Report

My opinion centers on whether you should opt for attending these classes is how well you can teach yourself from available media. How far have you gone in your regualar education and how do you best learn new stuff. I like reading on my own, and looking things up, and prefer the old-fashioned formal approach. Besides, I want to know "why" things are, and don't often think fast enough to pose my questions in a classroom setting.

If you thrive in a group setting, and get the most mental stimulation (and therefore learning) bouncing ideas and sharing with other people on the spot, the classes are worthwhile, but if you are the lone owl seeking wisdom in this mass world of overload (which I love), perhaps the time would be better spent online or in the nearest medical school's library reading Journal of Clinical Nutrition, for instance.

DJ 2008-12-28 09:42:40 -0600 Report

Hi All…My Doctor gave me a perscription for the Classes offered at my Local Hospital..and then Our Insurance paid for them. So, maybe ask your Doctor for a Perscription to take the classes and then see if your insurance will pay..Just a thought..Hugs,*DJ

2008-12-28 10:34:42 -0600 Report

Wow, I've had the same general doctor for 15 years and we are close. I will call him tomorrow and ask about this! Thank you Thank you! Angie

DJ 2008-12-29 06:42:15 -0600 Report

You are most welcome..I sure hope it works for you as I found the classes very helpful,but I also found that the Info you get on-line (especially here),can be in-valuable as well. Everyone is different and although there are basic things that apply to most everyone..we all deal with the ups and downs in ways that best work for us.
Hope you have great success,*DJ

gma 2008-12-28 09:13:53 -0600 Report

I got 2 classes for alittle over 500 and our insureance paid alittle over 200 so I think I would of done better on the internet but I think it depends on what they are going to do for that month

2008-12-28 08:03:25 -0600 Report

Yes, for whatever reason, my Insurance Company will not pay for this, so I would have to pay it out of pocket. Thanks again, Angie

CHAPS 2008-12-28 15:48:53 -0600 Report

Maybe you can change insurence companys to one that pays, Or look for another diabetic educator that your insurence does cover. If that dead ends look into a nutritionist. Insurence should cover that. She can work with you on a one to one basis for the best food plan for you incorporating your favorite foods.

CHAPS 2008-12-28 07:38:14 -0600 Report

Wow, $700.00 is a lot of money if you don't have it. When I was newly diagnosed my insurence covered it. If you can afford it, it'sprobably worth the class. I was trained in nutrition, what medications are available, How to read labels, good fats bad fats. A lot of stuff. But the same info can be gotten on the internet and I'm sure lots of us in this diabetic connect service can help. Not to mention lots of books on meal planning. If you compare it to a college class to earn a degree, it's probably not that expensive and worth the knowlege if you can afford it.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-12-28 07:34:07 -0600 Report

My insurance always covered all my diabetic classes, dietian consults etc.
Do you have insurance? If not could you talk to the hospital personnel handling this and see what they can offer someone with no insurance or money that will cover the class…Debe

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