Anyone interested in having "buddies" to work together towards good control??

By Yerachmiel Latest Reply 2013-12-02 10:49:40 -0600
Started 2013-12-02 10:49:40 -0600

I've often wondered (and worked, taught, aided, fought with) the issues concerning denial and lack of caring. Having had diabetes as long as I have it is not so much denial as lack of "following though" but don't knw if it is any different as far as facts on the ground.

One of the "proven" (via tiral and thank G-d lack of error) that has seemed to work for teenagers who were very hard to manage (and has also worked for many similar type adults) is to pair people as buddies (as as a triplet) and every two or three nights they have to send a log of food and blood glucose and medication to each other.

It seems that reporting to another like oneself, and not having to make up only a few days of readings within a few hours, can bring out the best in our compliance., If we can somehow get a few people interested and all of us send this to the moderaters we might even be able to get them to add a "apply to be/choose a 'buddy' for support & complience" section somewhere on the web site…

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