Pins and Needles

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Having had diabetes for 20 years, I am now 31 and predictably am experiencing some of the complications that being a Type 1 might bring.

Whilst there's nothing alarming (standard eye checks and 1 bout of laser treatment) I find that if my blood sugar runs low during the night, I wake up with dreadful pins and needles in my fingers.

Obviously I realise that ensuring I don't go low during the night is the best course of action, and try to avoid this, but until a year ago I didn't have this pins and needles 'warning'. It doesn't take a lot to shift it - just a persistent shake of the hands and a shot of Lucozade to being me up to 5-7.

I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and can offer any useful advice that may help me as I get older. My hands sometimes feel awfully achey too - I had been thinking signs of arthritis? It might be an overreaction but there might be someone out there who has felt the same.


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