Medication Available for people with low to no income: if you unfortunately cannot afford you can STILL get it!!

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Please take a look at the folloiwng,, add in any more you could think up and post here (and anywhere else you could advertise these sites).

People with a legitamate need should NEVER have to quit taking medication if they cannot afford it: these companies are able to help but only if they know where the help is needed…

Check out The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Partnership for Prescription Assistance at or call 888-477-2669, it directs patients to programs that supply free drugs or almost free.

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Local resources such as the following charitable groups may offer financial help for some of the many expenses related to diabetes:
Lions Clubs International can help with vision care. Visit Exit Disclaimer image.
Rotary International clubs provide humanitarian and educational assistance.Visit Exit Disclaimer image.
Elks clubs provide charitable activities that benefit youth and veterans. Visit Exit Disclaimer image.
Shriners of North America offer free treatment for children at Shriners hospitals throughout the country. Visit Exit Disclaimer image.
Kiwanis International clubs conduct service projects to help children and communities. Visit Exit Disclaimer image.

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