Do not give up pumping or good control due to finances!!!

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I just saw yet another person who feels they have to quit pumping and/taking good care of themselves or someone else due to loss of job, loss of extra income, extenuating circumstances, etc.

This is NOT acceptable: the corporate world is set up to help people in need, but one must be able to communicate with them, get their medical practice to contact them, etc.

I know that Minimed has a program where they will provide pump supplies to someone who cannot afford them at discount or free (they have some yearly limit on what they will spend, whether it used as purchase or as copay).

Other pump and drug companies I'm sure have same. There are federal programs for getting drugs, web sites with the phone number for the durg comapny support lines, support groups with good people who are giving their extra supplies to others who have not got at the moment, etc.

if one looks at the web site they have an unbelievable supply of everything from re-certified pumps to pump and testing and other supplies and almost any kind of catheter, inserter, etc.

If nothing else: please send me a private message and i will do my best to aid anyone who is really out of sorts and needs some help getting things together.

I would also please ask anyone with extra supplies to get in touch and see if we can find people who are in need of such or an organization that will definitely be sending them out to people who are using and need them.

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Yerachmiel 2013-11-28 22:29:34 -0600 Report

Check out The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Partnership for Prescription Assistance at or call 888-477-2669, it directs patients to programs that supply free drugs or almost free.

Local resources such as the following charitable groups may offer financial help for some of the many expenses related to diabetes:
Lions Clubs International can help with vision care. Visit Exit Disclaimer image.
Rotary International clubs provide humanitarian and educational assistance.Visit Exit Disclaimer image.
Elks clubs provide charitable activities that benefit youth and veterans. Visit Exit Disclaimer image.
Shriners of North America offer free treatment for children at Shriners hospitals throughout the country. Visit Exit Disclaimer image.
Kiwanis International clubs conduct service projects to help children and communities. Visit

One Step at a Time
One Step at a Time 2013-11-27 17:53:27 -0600 Report

I would imagine with the new Obamacare making insurance companies take customers despite précis ting conditions, and Medicaid, people should be able to get access to supplies.

I have to wonder if some of these posts are from people looking for a reason to give up..?

You must have faith! Be diligent and take cars of yourself. Even of you can't get to insulin, exercise and eat very few carbs until you can figure something out. Ask your DR or ENDO for samples. Mine share with me all the time. I'm always bringing home extra pens and needles. Or new test strips. You have to ask!!!!!'