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I've been type one for over a year now. For the whole first year I was misdiagnosed as a type two. I've just now gotten an insulin pump system. My town has no type of support group for fellow type one diabetics. My family always says that they're going through this with me but they're not the ones who have to live with it the rest of their lives. I'm depressed and tired of always being told I can't eat this or that while everyone else sits there and eats whatever right in front of me. It's the holiday season and everyone is so happy and cheerful and I'm at the point I don't want to celebrate anything anymore. I feel alone in all of this. I want to be happy and celebrate the holidays but I feel like I have no happiness left in me to give or to even show. It's at the point even faking being happy isn't working anymore. I don't know what to do.

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Set apart
Set apart 2013-11-27 05:45:49 -0600 Report

Holidays can be hard for us, I am also a T1, and I never realized the emphasis on foods and holidays till I was diagnosed a couple of years ago. People sometimes think that we are so different from them, but we really aren't. The key is to be aware of what different food choices do to your BG levels. As for the "food police" as I call them, they do care, but may not totally understand what's going on with you. if you really are craving something, take a bite and if you can walk away. I am planning on enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner, I will have turkey, with a little gravy, red chili, veggies, and a taste of stuffing. For dessert I will have low carb fruit salad, sugar free pistachio pudding, sugar free whipped topping, walnuts, and cottage cheese. I know no fruit, but it works and satisfies the craving. Most important is that holidays are about being thankful, being with those whom you love, and just living! Although I get down sometimes I always try to remember that this disease and it's outcome is about the choices I make on a daily basis, no it's not always easy, and what worked yesterday may not necessarily work today, but it's one day at a time, with one meal at a time! Good luck and Happy Holidays!

imfeelingLO 2013-11-26 22:26:55 -0600 Report

I don't know of you have the pump or not but that will really help you. It gives you so much more freedom. I had the same problem you are having and I know what you are feeling. Once I was on the pump I felt happier and started enjoying my life having whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Trust me when I say this, if will get so much better! Just keep your head up!

kejo 2013-11-26 09:38:17 -0600 Report

Diabetes is just anything else that's new… You have to adjust your life and carry on. It does take time, but you'll get there.

An insulin pump should allow you to eat more freely… Is this not the case?

Depression gets to the best of us. I saw my primary and he put me on medication, it didn't fix my depression… But I'm definitely more optimistic! Talking to someone might help too!

jaydoubleyou23 2013-11-25 22:42:20 -0600 Report

Hey! Don't let anything get you down. And you're a type one, you can eat whatever you want! Just don't forget your insulin. :) And if someone tries to tell you otherwise, then give them a piece of your mind! Stay strong :)

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-11-25 20:50:07 -0600 Report

I think you should see a therapist. Your family is there for you. Accept their help. There are so many people with no family support. Your family doesn't have to have be diabetic to go through something with you. Apparently they love you or they would not be supportive. Friends and family go through all kinds of things together even if the problem is not theirs.

You have to understand that people have a right to eat what they want regardless if you are there or not. What would you do in a resturant? You should not expect people to not eat foods they enjoy simply because you are diabetic and can't have it.

Sometimes people put exepectations on others in hopes that those expectations will accomodate thier needs. Ask yourself if you have done this. Do you expect them to deny themselves the foods they like to appease you? When people don't live up to expectations put on them, the person who does this often is let down.

If they are telling you that you can't eat something, it is possible that because you are eating it anyway, they know the outcome and they know you are not being responsible for your self. Being diabetic means being responsible for what you eat, testing and other things. I think that if you sat down and talked to the members of your immediate family and tell them how you feel, they will help you.

There are many areas where there are no diabetic support group. Have you thought about starting one? Make a flier and post it on Community boards in the library, supermarket, church etc.. You might be surprised at how many people may need this kind of group. You can learn from each other or have someone come in to speak to your group about diabetes.

The end result is no matter what, you are going to have to get help. Depression is not good at anytime, especially around the holidays. Life is filled with all kinds of obstacles. How a person handles them depends on how hard they are willing to work by making choices/decisions that will help them, seeking help when needed, keeping an open mind to suggestions you recieve and being responsible for themselves. Good luck to you.