Help Need info on Diabetes and the Flu, What can I do

By LadyLouAnn Latest Reply 2013-11-26 05:41:31 -0600
Started 2013-11-25 17:25:08 -0600

I don't know what to do or not do. Does having T2 make the flu worse? I throw up about 15 minutes after I try to drink anything. I am frozen to my core A powerful headache. My BG was 280 before throwing up,.
How do I take care of myself? I'm new to all of this.

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SleeplessinOR 2013-11-26 02:40:20 -0600 Report

While I don't know everything that you should do I do know that you need to keep as hydrated as is possible. The water or whatever you are using will also at least make it so that you don't have the dry heaves which are very unpleasant. Since I get a flu shot regularly I seldom get the flu. When I do I use the BRAT diet, B=Bananas, R=rice, A=apples (I often do applesauce), T=toast. I do that for several days during and after I am feeling a bit better. Also I find that milk is not a good idea to have if you have a fever at any time.

Yerachmiel 2013-11-26 05:41:31 -0600 Report

Only thing I can add is warm liquids that DONT disturb the stomach (i.e. if the milk will make you sick then stay with black coffee or tea or better a no or low salt soup).
Yesterday my wife made a big crock pot with soup veggies and beans and I've been enjoying yesterday and will put back on crockpot heater today!! GOOD source of all vitamins and minerals too - Just be careful with spices (if you are sensitive due to illness) and the overall carb content (as some stuff in soup can get carb heavy).

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