Fill in the Blank Friday: The one thing that has made diabetes easier to manage is ...

John Crowley
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Started 2013-11-22 10:25:53 -0600

Welcome to the Friday before Black Friday! As we gear up to give thanks and eat turkey, I thought it would be great to reflect on those things that make life with diabetes easier to manage.

Maybe for you it's a piece of technology or it's learning a particular skill. Just let us know something you're grateful for this Thanksgiving season that has made your diabetes easier to manage.

If you missed last week's FITBF on when we feel guilty, you can find that here:

I thought Cher9285 made a point that many here feel, "When it comes to diabetes, I feel most guilty when … I eat something I know I shouldn't." Thanks, Cher and everyone, for sharing your thoughts.

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Brenin 2013-11-26 15:58:05 -0600 Report

I don't know that I can really honestly say that I've found anything to be thankful for that makes my diabetes easier to deal with… but I AM thankful that I was diagnosed early, that I took my diagnosis seriously and didn't put off making the lifestyle changes that needed to be made.

russellstamets 2013-11-24 13:45:51 -0600 Report

I'm thankful for all the stories of survival here and elsewhere online. Especially all the examples of diabetics with hardships far greater than mine that still have a smile on their face and the humor to make me laugh. I realize I have nothing to complain about if Ron Wilde, who went blind, had a foot amputated and a kidney transplant because of diabetes can stay positive. I found his autobiography, Who Turned Out The Lights? on Amazon. He wrote it using speech to text software. It's amazing.

By His stripes2015
By His stripes2015 2014-08-12 03:13:17 -0500 Report

@Russell, just joined today and I am very interested to know how you stayed off insulin. Are you on any oral meds for diabetes? Any and all info will be grateful for

jayabee52 2013-11-23 15:45:06 -0600 Report

I am going to join Gabby and others in saying that this website has been the biggest help to me in managing my diabetes. I am thankful for DC and the people here.


GabbyPA 2013-11-22 20:35:58 -0600 Report

I am thankful for the community of people here on DC. If it were not for these members, I would be in a lot of trouble. People here helped me when I didn't have a doctor, and even after I finally got one, they continue to help me far beyond what I get from my "health care". So for me, I am grateful for the internet and the social connection we all share here.

Nick1962 2013-11-22 19:07:22 -0600 Report

The internet. I grew up in a time when getting any information meant going to a professional (at a cost) or trudging down to the local library.
Getting instant information on management and diets, support groups, even ordering meds and supplies is something I couldn't do in the 70's and even early 80's.
Who knew Al Gore's invention would be so helpful.

kimfing 2013-11-22 17:02:35 -0600 Report

My husband is #1 on this list. He's been diabetic for 30+ years. He cooks for me and listens to my concerns and questions. #2 my daughter and rest of my family and friends including all of you on DC

JSJB 2013-11-22 13:44:20 -0600 Report

Having a support group like the people on DC. I am logged on everyday reading and trying new things. Thank you everyone and please stay as healthy as you can.

mspiggy81 2013-11-22 13:06:05 -0600 Report

I'm just starting out and learning to adjust my diet, the most helpful tool for me has been It has a huge database of nutritional values and the ability to input your own recipes for analyzing. I log everything I eat and it gives me an individual breakdown of carbs, proteins and nutrients as well as an overall analyzing of my days intake and breaks down percent of fat, carbs, protein etc. for the day. It's great in helping me make sure most of my daily intake is protein. has a really good search tool for Glycemic indexes.

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