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I was just wondering how many of you have had Diabetes Ketoacidosis?

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mariacjuan 2013-11-27 00:37:34 -0600 Report

I spent this past weekend in intensive care for DKA. Most died. It sucked and I need to take better care of myself.

kejo 2013-11-27 04:56:50 -0600 Report

Oh No!! Are you doing better?

Yeah, going through DKA is quite an eye opener! But this is the time to turn it all around. You CAN do it…be STRONG!

One Step at a Time
One Step at a Time 2013-11-25 16:37:43 -0600 Report

I did. I was in full DKA and spent a week in ICU. That's how I learned I was diabetic. It hit over about 15 days. It was awful. Basically they told me my blood was so acidic it was positioning my entire body: kidneys, liver…it was bad.
They put me on an insulin drip and I came back within a week so they diagnosed type 1 and I've been taking good care ever sense.
DKA sucks and is deadly. Avoid it. Take care of yourself.

jayabee52 2013-11-19 23:02:26 -0600 Report

Howdy Kejo

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (or "DKA") is a dangerous thing for those of us who have diabetes. You may read about what Mayo Clinic says about DKAs in its multipage article here ~

There has also been a lot of talk over the years about DKAs as well. You may wish to read what has been said about them here ~

I pray you can avoid them for as long as possible.


kimberly1974 2013-11-19 23:40:31 -0600 Report

Thanks so very much for putting that up jayabee so i could read and learn more is this something that i got to ask about everytime i go to the doctor

kimberly1974 2013-11-19 16:21:32 -0600 Report

If i my ask what is that i have never heard of it

jaydoubleyou23 2013-11-19 18:17:55 -0600 Report

It's when you get ketones and your blood sugars get extremely high and it's super difficult to get them down. My blood sugar in the hospital with DKA was 1500 and I had to be on IVs until my blood sugars were stable again.

Cassie B
Cassie B 2013-11-19 13:38:22 -0600 Report

I experienced the early symptoms of it a few years ago when I ran out of insulin…ugh it was awful.

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