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I think I'm still in some denial. I got very sick feeling last Wednesday morning. I mean I thought I was going to barf and I felt headachey and so exhausted. I had been peeing and drinking fluids like no tomorrow for awhile but I thought it was part of the female aging process. That morning a light bulb went on..I wonder if feeling this horrible has something to do with the peeing and thirst. I knew a co worker with diabetes and asked her what a normal blood sugar was. She told me between 4 and 7. I told her about how I'd been feeling and she asked if I wanted to check my blood sugar. I said's not gonna hurt. She did the glucose meter prick your finger thing on me and I scored 33.5. about 600.
She told me that was NOT good. I told her well it's probably because I had pancakes and orange juice for breakfast. So we decided to check it before lunch…27.8 about 520 then at 3:30 …26.9 about 489. I decided to go to a walk in clinic and by the time I got in it was about 7 at night with no food since lunch. I scored 15.8 about 280 and there was sugar in my urine. Doc told me I had diabetes but I said it could be a mistake due to food. Nonetheless he gave me a prescription for Metformin 2x a day because he wasn't sure when I would get in to see my regular doctor. The next day I went for fasting blood work but didn't take the Metformin so that the results would be true. Any way..later that day my friend at work tested by blood and I had taken the Metfromin in the morning with breakfast and I scored 26.5. about 475. I was told I should see a doc again so I did and they tested my blood at 8 pm 2 hours after supper and 2 hours after a Metformin and I scored 27.8. about 500, that doc said I should take the the Metformin 3x a day.
I do not know the results of the Fasting Blood and urine testing done on Thursday, since I can't get into my family doctor until tomorrow. So I don't know all these test result scores. I only know that the first walk in doc left a message on my file that said, I am diagnosed as a diabetic and that I MUST see my family doctor soon.
Since I started feeling sick and actually started recording my BG levels and taking Metformin I have never been below 14.8, In fact the lowest scores are when I get up in the morning and they are usually 265 to 285 on an empty stomach.
I am really confused and I will admit…peeved and sad. My partner had the same supper as me but he also had frozen yogurt with chocolate chips ..etc. but I did not have the yogurt and such. He scored 5.8 and I scored 25.6!!! He's overweight with HB. I could be classed as slightly over my BMI but no one would ever say I was fat. I JUST DON'T get it. WHY ME?
I am so unhappy and not understanding this whole blood sugar thing!
Anybody understand?

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Anonymous 2013-11-19 17:15:00 -0600 Report

Sorry I dont understand the way your numbers are posted,. I am assuming not USA meter… Hopefully someone will reply soon to help you!

LadyLouAnn 2013-11-19 20:20:32 -0600 Report

Oh, did include the USA numbers with my Canadian numbers.
USA numbers 126 mg/dl = 7.0 mmol/L.
I just found out my 1Ac today's 11%

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