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Yet and still we strive for happiness. We search, look, and some times find what seems to be happiness. Oh but it is for a while then, things go aria. Things seem to be strained AND TURMOILOUS.
In order to get through, we deviate from our norm. Which in turn creates issues which should not even be. Our solution has created a NEW problem which in turn raises our stress level and if not careful sends us into a foul mood. Which in turn is released on the people we love most. Not meaning to yet it happens. At times like these we need to think…Will thy let it all just slip away to nil? Nay…we will digress and analyze our situation and take it one step at a time. Fixing it piece by piece. So …let the fog dissipate, the rain evaporate, and live life knowing you are never alone. Family Friends will always be there for you in the worst of times. Think Bright And Glorious Thoughts. For in knowing this …you Will Have 100% Happiness.

I Have Begun.

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