Diabetes and Pregnancy Live chat with Dr. Lois Jovanovic tonite!

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Tonite Chat with Dr. Lois Jovanovic, MD, FACE, director of the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Her research has focused on pregnancy and diabetes and she is widely considered the foremost expert in the world on this topic. Dr. Jovanovic has type 1 diabetes.

Date: May 27, 2008

Time: 9pm eastern time to 10pm eastern time, 6pm pacific time to 7pm pacific time.

Want to know what time it is where you live to make it to the chat?
Copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.worldtimezone.net/index.php

Location: DTF chat room
Link to chat room: http://diabetestalkfest.com/chat.html

No registration required. You can click on the guest check box and press the login button then you will have access to the room called Diabetes and pregnancy chat with Dr. Lois Jovanovic.

Hope you all can make it!

If you have any login problems please feel free to contact

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