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Started 2013-11-14 18:49:53 -0600

What do people mean when they say they were in denial? I don't think I'm in denial, but others have mentioned that I might be.

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jayabee52 2013-11-15 17:34:43 -0600 Report

Being in Denial means that you are wading in the river in Egypt. (sorry couldn't resist the pun)

jigsaw 2013-11-16 06:47:10 -0600 Report

Your confused James! Just because some one said you were in denial, does not mean you are in the Nile! This only proves how deep your denial has become! LOL

jigsaw 2013-11-15 08:41:40 -0600 Report

Denial is a psychological and or an emotional process where an individual refuses to accept and see an existing problem such as diabetes. Not accepting ones illness could lead to much more serious complications. Not a good idea to keep ones head buried in the sand! After all there are other parts that remain dangerously vulnerable as a result!!!

victorianvalerie 2013-11-17 20:12:05 -0600 Report

so being non-compliant means being in denial? they seem like two different things to me.

jigsaw 2013-11-18 07:37:04 -0600 Report

They are not the same. non-compliant is a way of being conciously defiant. Denial is refusing to accept or see something that is to uncomfortable or even overwhelmingly uncomfortable. Being in denial is not necessarily a conscious act since it is possible to block something out subconsciously..