Been told I was T2 for most my life and just now finding out today that I am indeed T1 when they did my c-pep

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I have been diabetic since 16 with gestational and then again with next child, then had symptoms after that too. Had no insurance at time so at 26 when I got some found out I was diabetic and they put me on insulin straight away and have since then. On a pump for over 4 years and use u-500 insulin. They other day when I went to have my c-peptide done because Dr. was curious if I was diagnosed right contacted me today and said I was T1. Nothing of course if different cause I was already on insulin and pump but still it would of been nice to be diagnosed right from the start. Geez!!! I am 41 now and still young but to go for that long misinformed is ridiculous. I am glad to have a smart Dr. she is great.

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Silicone eyes
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I was Dx'd when I was 15 and am 41 now, it's been a huge pain to deal with, and I knew which one I had, can't imagine being misdiagnosed. Hope the 'new' info helps you out.