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I just got a notice about what foods to avoid at Thanksgiving and green bean casserole was one. Why? I would use coconut milk instead of real for less carbs, then there's soy sauce, green bean, cr of mushroom soup which isn't bad in carbs and then the fried onions which can just be put on top and avoided if you prefer. What's the problem? I see many recipes that say use fat free this or that yet many are actually higher in carbs. I prefer real sour cream, cheese, coffee creamer etc. I count my carbs and that's all…no rice or pasta…a little potatoes and bread (a dense expensive wheat bread is higher in carbs, BTW). SighToo bad. As for pie…make a pumpkin mousse with no crust, or do any pie filling like that.

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Nick1962 2013-11-12 09:35:06 -0600 Report

The cream of mushroom soup isn’t mixed 1/1 as it would be if you were making soup, so the carb content is actually higher once cooked. Even with the low fat stuff you can get up to 17g carbs in one serving, and it’s plenty high in sodium. Given the protein and fiber is low on this dish, it really isn’t worth the trouble in my book, since one serving would almost be half my meal’s worth of carbs. Green beans almandine would serve me better. Look fancier on the table too!

Glucerna 2013-11-13 16:03:33 -0600 Report

I think the key with Thanksgiving or any other holiday or special meal is to think about which foods you really love, how you can change up the recipes to improve the nutritional value of the food, and what fits best into your individual meal plan. There are lots of recipes and suggestions available to give you ideas. ~Lynn @Glucerna