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In Canada, because the insulin pump is a "choice" that you don't necessarily need as you can rely on syringe injections, it is rarely covered by health care. Due to this the government of Canada gives out grants that help to subsidize the costs of the pump. In order to qualify you have to attend classes on the pump regardless of how long you have had it as well as make constant check-ins with a diabetes clinic. I have found this process to be extremely tedious and, well, annoying. A health care professional once told me that it is easier to get into the methadone program than to receive insulin pump funding.

Has anyone else had to jump through these hoops in order to receive funding?

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Dr John
Dr John 2013-11-23 15:34:21 -0600 Report

One of the problems is that most people in charge of funding don't understand diabetes type 1. With injections, one cannot adjust his/her background insulin according to activity whereas one can with a pump. To me this is the reason for medical necessity.

Silicone eyes
Silicone eyes 2013-11-12 11:33:05 -0600 Report

I'm in the U.S. and had to jump through crazy hoops to get my insurance to cover 80% of my Tslim. It was obnoxious and redundant as hell, I check in w/ my endo weekly now with numbers, but I tell them what changes I'm making. Through all the headache, I wish I would've gotten a pump years ago. I love this thing. Oh, and I know what you mean by down south, but I guess I'm 'out west' I love Michigan

casspetrick 2013-11-12 08:47:38 -0600 Report

I've had the Medtronic MiniMed for about 6 years, I love using the pump just the process to fund it is getting crazy! I have been paying for pump supplies myself for the past year or so but am beginning the process of reapplying for government funding again. Whats having the pump like down south?

jaydoubleyou23 2013-11-13 22:18:56 -0600 Report

That's insane money! I use the omnipod. Here, we have to go through our doctor to get a pump prescription but we have to go through a pump class before we can use it, and also an advanced pump class for after you use it for a while so you can keep the prescription. But that just goes through your doctor. My insurance covers $600 for half year supply and I pay $200.

Kirk H
Kirk H 2013-11-11 17:45:10 -0600 Report

I'm not on a pump so I cant answer that directly…but I can say it has been really easy working with my insurance and my doctor of choice about what i need. I am afraid this is all going to be changing here due to politicians thinking they understand medicine better than the "little" people do. I work for a large company that is self insured and it has worked out great…but we are already receiving notices of things coming down in the futue and none of it is good.

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