Fill in the Blank Friday: If diabetes was cured today ...

John Crowley
By John Crowley Latest Reply 2013-11-22 20:37:27 -0600
Started 2013-11-08 10:11:37 -0600

Welcome to the end of another great week here on Diabetic Connect. I hope you're enjoying this weekly tradition of "Fill in the Blank Friday."

Last week's discussion about what we wish our families understood about diabetes was great. If you missed it, here's the link:

Now for this week's discussion, please complete the following:

If diabetes was cured today, I would be most happy about …

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Anonymous 2013-11-17 18:53:56 -0600 Report

If Diabetes was cured today, I would still feel bipolar but at least bullies would stop with the diabetes stuff!

Anonymous 2013-11-14 19:47:50 -0600 Report

If diabetes was cured today, I would still have high blood pressure, sleep apnea, Barrett's esophagus, etc. Yea me!

MoeGig 2013-11-14 17:58:25 -0600 Report

After all these years, I don't think I would change much of anything. Still go to the gym, watch my diet, etc. Granted, I wouldn't have to take insulin or test; but, even this is no big deal anymore since what I do regularly results in an A1c in the 6's which is good enough. As "Set Apart" points out below, it would be really nice to avoid the danger of overnight low's, which I have minimized by setting my alarm for 2am most nights to test my BG. I guess if we had a cure, bottom line, I'd get more sleep. :>)

Cher9285 2013-11-14 12:53:06 -0600 Report

If diabetes was cured today, I would be most happy about …not feeling sluggish, tired, or "cranky" as often (although I know I'd still have those days! haha)

GOARMS 2013-11-12 14:54:16 -0600 Report

I hear you Tom. We know what we are doing and not doing right to our bodies but it is a kick in the teeth when the doctors point it out. Good luck

aimeeh40 2013-11-10 22:34:31 -0600 Report

Not to have to go to the Dr every 3 months, take insulin and check my bg get kinda tired of poking myself. But I deal with it :)

vanessa_562 2013-11-10 19:35:27 -0600 Report

Not having to stress about coming up with money for medications and co-pays to see my md every month. I would be more at ease. Living a normal life without having to stress about what I eat.

jigsaw 2013-11-09 14:27:10 -0600 Report

I just might make it to age 100! As for now, I'll have to settle and set my sites for age 90. Oh well, what can you do!

Stuart1966 2013-11-08 21:05:01 -0600 Report

That I was dead wrong… it WAS curing in my lifetime

Unfortunately curing the disease itself will do ZERO for the complications in place whether known/unknown. They are seperate things…

Borders96 2013-11-08 15:56:23 -0600 Report

I would be most happy about not having a strain, or a thought on consequences of my glucose levels. Being able to eat without hesitation and exercising as I wish would be truly amazing.

Silicone eyes
Silicone eyes 2013-11-08 14:28:03 -0600 Report

Murphy's Law would kick in and I would contract some cardiovascular situation or something else. Diabetes is no fun, but I can handle it.

Jeanette Terry
Jeanette Terry 2013-11-08 14:12:01 -0600 Report

I would be most happy to not have to pay for supplies and worry about doctors appointments and insurance anymore. Of course I don't really know what I would do with myself, after living with it for so many years I would feel like a lost soul. It has become a part of who I am. Don't get me wrong though, I would be much more happy than lost if there were a cure.

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