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Help!! I am 50 yrs. old & I am really suffering with terrible hot flashes!! I am totally convinced that these hot flashes will evidently KILL me!! Am I experiencing more severe hot flashes because I am a type 1 diabetic? Would that really have anything to do with it? I actually have between 10 to 15 hot flashes per day! I am going crazy, not to mention that it makes me ill tempered, feeling depressed, & I cannot even dress like a normal person! no long sleeves, no sweat shirts, turtle necks, etc. I've gained weight, bloated all the time! I have tried the over counter meds. that have not helped. My reg MD will not prescribe a RX because he says it may lead to Breast cancer. (I only wish he had hot flashes) LOL! Have not seen a OBGYN because I cannot afford office visit with no insurance! Anyone got a suggestion? Thanks all!

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