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hi name is deonijaque and I am a type 1 diabetic I was diagnosed when I was 8 years old in Feb of 2000. I am a very brittle diabetic and I get sick very easily. My diabetes is very uncontrolled. It's so bad that I used to be UN the hospital 1-2 times weekly! I was on the insulin pump a couple years ago when I lived in Houston Texas, I had an insulin pump and my diabetes control was at the best its ever been. Then I moved back to Lansing Michigan (my hometown) and got a new endocrinologist and I just feel like she isn't on the same page as me. The doctor is the one who prescribe me to get back on the insulin pump December of last year and I've been doing everything I could to get on the insulin pump (bringing in blood sugar levels, eating right, etc) and still nothing has happened. Now Im back to being in and out of the hospital! I tried bringing the insulin pump conversation up again and she says I have to " work my way up" to getting the insulin pump! I feel that this is a life and death situation because I'm so brittle and out of control. I really need advise on my situation… Thanks in advance!

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forsakes alive
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Hello, The only suggestion I can give to you .. get a different Doctor. from what I have read that you have said, a percentage of docs are set in the way the handle the different cases of the patients they have, you must remember that they arent paying you,your paying them for advice on how to treat the diabetes,stand up to the Doc if you dont want to change who is advising you,for the treatment of your diabetes. I do hope that you get a resolution to this problem.