Expiration Dates on Test Strips

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Started 2013-11-02 10:12:56 -0500

I've now give up on hearing from an expert on this topic since I've posted the question twice and never received a reply. I have multiple vials of test strips with an expiration date of 10/13 . . . which means that they are "technically" expired. They have not experienced any heat, cold, or moisture issues. My glucose is in complete control with carb counting and exercise. I'd hate to simply toss these strips if they are still good. (It's not a money issue for me since my strips are free through my prescription plan. It just seems a waste and I know it increases the overall cost of supplies for everyone since it costs the prescription plan holder more if I toss them.) I know pharmacies use a generic date of 1 year on all meds as expiration dates. The expiration date of the test strips is from the manufacturer's label. I'm inclined to continue to use the strips, alternating with ones that are unexpired, until I see a difference in results.

Anyone out there have any thoughts on this?

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-11-06 19:07:52 -0600 Report

As Nick said mine won't read after about two weeks past the expiration date. Rather than risk it, I now toss them. I know I am throwing away money but I prefer to have as close to accurate readings rather than risk it with out of date strips.

Nick1962 2013-11-02 10:33:09 -0500 Report

Mine won’t even read more than a month past expiration. If yours do, I say use them with the notion that they may be incorrect. As long as you have some decent control, know yourself pretty well, and can physically “afford” to be off by 20 points, if you see a number you don’t fully agree with, cross check it against a “known good” strip for verification.
Some of us use them up by doing experiments – I eat a meal I know is outside my diet and see what happens by testing every half hour for about 4-6 hours with a baseline reading about 30 minutes prior to the meal.