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I have been trying to find diabetic friendly recipes but have been having problems with some of the ingredients. For instance, I recently came across a recipe for a chicken stroganoff that calls for dry white wine. I am disabled and rely on food stamps and can't afford to buy alcohol, even for cooking. What can I use to substitute for that? Also frustrating are the number of recipes that call for peppers. My digestive system can't tolerate any kind of peppers so I usually either ignore those recipes or just leave out the peppers which often leaves the recipes bland or unsatisfying. Any ideas??

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Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2013-10-28 16:17:27 -0500 Report

You could try subbing beef, chicken, or vegetable broth for the wine. Or maybe a bit of fruit juice (if your BG can handle it) if the recipe is for a sweeter flavor. I usually use broth or add a little low sodium V8 ( or store brand version) or just water or milk depending on the other ingredients. I am not really a fan of the taste wine gives to foods
Love peppers. But since recovering from extensive wounds on my legs, they seem to make my legs feel itchy if I eat too many. I usually just up the garlic, onion, and black pepper. Don't know if black pepper would bother you in the same way bell peppers do. Some recipes can be helped out of blandness with some ginger.

Nick1962 2013-10-28 16:14:07 -0500 Report

You’re right – substituting those ingredients will leave the recipe pretty bland, but if that’s all you can digestively handle, you have to eat bland to begin with. For the dry white wine I would sub with an equal amount of low sodium chicken broth and maybe a teaspoon of lime juice or less. Substitute some broccoli and julienne carrots for the peppers maybe.
Better yet would be move on and find a recipe without them to begin with.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2013-10-28 16:20:02 -0500 Report

Good suggestion on the julienne carrots. Made me remember Emeril's holy trinity - onion, carrots, and celery. They would make a great sub for peppers.

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