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I am a newly diagnosed type 2 with no insurance :( I was admitted to the ER with blood sugar of 530 and sent home a day later as it went down to 340. They sent me home with information brochures about diabetes and an RX for metformin but I am so lost as what am I supposed to eat, I am losing weight because I am afraid to eat anything (maybe its good) but I'm losing too fast (not healthy) I am afraid to even go in my kitchen because I feel food will just make me get sick again :( I do understand the no sugar and low carb thing but when I go in my fridge, it seems like everything has carbs (sigh). Am I only supposed to eat salad from
Now on? I am even afraid to eat any red meat because of my heart disease risk now that I'm diabetic. I am so confused and I feel really bad because I don't cook for my family, I just make the hubby get them fast food :( and I will stay at home and just eat protein shakes, I just don't know how long I could do this diet, I need advice please on what a diabetic can eat. I am 36 and currently weigh 160. Thx!

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Ky Lake Dave
Ky Lake Dave 2013-11-04 09:12:38 -0600 Report

Hi Sugarbaby07, I am new like you. I was diagnosed a few short months ago.I do not have insurance.I was confused and worried about diet like you. I talked to friends with this diabetes. I found sites like this and I studied the web. Relax. Take a breath and lets go eat. Get used to a salad with every meal. Stir fry some boneless skinless chicken breast with some bell peppers and onions. Toss in some seasoning and get inventive with some balsamic vinaigrette, some some Franks Hot Sauce or whatever you think you or your family would enjoy. Use Coconut oil as often as possible. Add a some steamed broccoli or green beans as a side. Get some Granny Smith Apples and Slice some Sharp Cheese for snacks. Sugarfree Pudding is a GODSENT! Pasta? Try the whole wheat stuff. It is really good.This are just some of thousands of things that you can eat. We follow an Atkins Diet as a guide. I am check my blood sugar a couple of hours after I eat and that lets me know what I can and cannot get by with. There are some things that I can eat that should but does not affect my blood sugar (cool and BONUS!). Everyone is different. This site is full of great advise. We all have our down days ( I had a real downer yesterday) but for the most part stay as positive as you can. Understand this is the new normal but if we take our meds and follow our diets after a while this will be so routine that it is almost unnoticed. Good luck and keep asking for advise here. Lots of great people here to help.

ATHiker95 2013-11-01 07:40:03 -0500 Report

The nice thing about eating Paleo is that you don't really have to count carbs. You avoid all grains, which is a source of a lot of inflammation in your body. That eliminates many carbs. Try to stay away from those carbs that come from vegetables that grow underground, such as potatoes or any other tubers. Those tend to have a lot more starch and sugar storage. Eat healthy fats, such as olive oil, coconut oil, wild salmon or any other wild caught fish, pastured chicken, grass fed beef. Look for a local farmer. I've been a diabetic for 15 years and trust me this sort of diet works without medications. There are tons of Paleo cookbooks out there. Many you can find for almost nothing on the Internet. Once you break the grain addiction (usually takes a week or two) then you're 90% of the way there.

Prprincess0923 2013-10-31 14:22:11 -0500 Report

Welcome to the community,and know your scared,you need to take it a day at a time. Don't be afraid to go cook food, you can look for food in this community they have good dishes you can cook and have fun cooking it. Just relax and just be careful in what you eat and I also I'm careful cooking as well. I also was shock and afraid to do certain things and eat too. Look into the internet of different foods that are good for you with diabetes. Research is good and you'll see a lot of stuff you would like to eat. My name is Maria if you need to talk I'm here!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2013-10-31 11:33:16 -0500 Report

Hey sugarbaby07,

I am so glad to see you here. Welcome!

It's so important to get support when you have a new diagnosis. You have come to the right place! And I see that your friends on Diabetic Connect are jumping in with suggestions.

I am really sorry to hear you don't have health insurance. Have you looked into Medicaid? Or, are there low cost or free clinics in your area that you might get help from?

If you do go online for information, I encourage you to make sure you are getting this information from reputable Websites. Certainly Diabetic Connect is a great resource. You might also go to the Website of the American Diabetes Association for help at

Another organization to check into is Needy Meds, They offer lots of ideas about how to get medications at a low cost.

Stay in touch with us!


ErinV 2013-10-30 10:38:02 -0500 Report

When I am setting my basal on my insulin pump I am not allowed to eat anything that could alter my blood sugar. My doctor said to eat eggs and bacon. I wouldn't be afraid of eating meat because of the heart disease risk. You are only at an increased risk if you don't take care of your blood sugar.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-10-28 21:11:32 -0500 Report

I have no health insurance either which is frustrating. I also live in a major city which has all kinds of health clinics. Look for health clinics that offer medical care on a sliding fee scale which is based on your income. There are also free diabetes education classes. The key is networking. If you attend church, do volunteer work, walk around your community have friends who are working, ask them if they know of any dietitians who can help you with a meal plan.

Did the ER refer you to a doctor? I got severely ill several years ago before I was diagnosed and was referred to a doctor whose initial visit was free because I was in the ER. Thankfully, my insurance kicked in a few weeks later.

You can get free meters. Contour always offers free meters. Go on their website or type in free glucose meters in google. I got a free meter off an ad here on Diabetic Connect. Follow Graylins instructions for testing and you will learn what will spike you and what won't. This takes time.

Having your husband buy fast food for everyone else isn't going to help them health wise. I got rid of everything white, rice, potatoes, pasta and bread. I don't fry anything but eggs and I use Pam for that. I bake, broil and grill all meats. My sister has a heart problem so we don't eat a lot of red meat but we still eat it.

Eat fresh veggies as much as possible and stay away from processed foods such as hot dogs, lunch meats, frozen dinners and any meal that comes in a box or can. If fresh veggies are not readily available you can use frozen. They have less sodim as long as they are not in some kind of sauce.

Good luck

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2013-10-28 20:02:00 -0500 Report

It is confusing and frightening at first. Gets better, I promise, as you start learning.
As Nick posted, Paleo is a good option. I am doing a modified, pick and choose Paleo.
Do you have a BG meter?
Testing your Blood Glucose (BG) or Blood Sugar (BS) - both are the same just different words- is the best way I have found to learn what foods I should eat. Do the finger prick before you eat, then every 30 minutes for 2 hours. That will help you see what is happening with your BG. If you are obsessive like me, I sometimes do it every 15 minutes for 3 hours. There are some foods that cause spikes later.) By doing this I have learned that I should limit or avoid white potatoes, corn ( especially Fritos), and rice. Not all carbs have an equal affect on you or the same affect on everyone.You may find you can eat more of some foods than other people, or less depending how your endocrine system is functioning. Avoiding grains helps me almost as much as avoiding cane or beet sugar. Seems I react to those carbs more than many other people do. You might find you have certain higher carb foods that are safer than you expected by testing. For example oatmeal works good for some people. But not for me. I can enjoy a medium size serving of sweet potato with an end BG lower than my starting BG after 3 hours. Others get a BG spike.

sugarbaby07 2013-10-28 19:45:31 -0500 Report

Thanks I will definitely check online, I just in a little depression and was afraid to touch food because my old diet all contained bad foods. Thx!

Nick1962 2013-10-28 12:12:48 -0500 Report

Let me talk you down off the ledge! There’s a bunch of different ways to accomplish this goal, and none are really all that painful.
You can go the carb-counting route as 21Rose'syearsT1 suggests, which is great for a T1 and insulin-dependent T2’s. I found though as a T2, following a low-glycemic index or Paleo type diet to be just as effective, and that’s basically cutting down on breads, starches, sugars, and processed/fast foods. Doing that alone removes a lot of the fat you normally consume, so eating meat is fine and leaves you way out of danger for any heart risk. Meat, vegetables and fruit are pretty much the staples in my diet, and I’ve kept my numbers below 150 for a few years now.

sugarbaby07 2013-10-28 19:43:04 -0500 Report

Thank you, I will look into the Paleo diet. I do need to get back into eating, that is a relief that I can still eat some meat lol. Thanks again!!

21Rose'syearsT1 2013-10-28 07:03:03 -0500 Report

Go online and check out the diabetic diet. You have to eat just cout how many carbs you are eating for example 15 gram equal 1 carb try to eat at least 5 carbs per meal. Believe me if you go online you will get a lot of info

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