how would you answer back to this?

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has anyone ever said to you, you wouldn't have diabetes if you weren't so overweight! i have, was wondering about you guys!

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renya 2008-12-29 08:01:37 -0600 Report

I am very new to this, and very glad I was led to this site. I have struggled with my blood sugars since first diagnosed with Type-2 in 1985. Obesity and Morbid Obesity along with Daibeties runs in my family. Back in 2004 I had Gastric-Bypass, I had gotten to 500 pds, and was on insulin. After the surgery I have lost 250 pds. But, the longer I go I find I am able to eat some of the old stuff especially sweets that I couldn't handle before and diet soda's. I can't consume them like I did. But, I eat and drink little at a time. Now, I am sooooo MADDD at myself, and the old evil thoughts are coming back. So, far I am still off of medicines, but I know as the old habits get worse my blodd sugers are going to go crazy again. I still do suffer with lows more than highs. I am not comfortable in sharing with my friends and family who have supported me in the past, for I don't won't to appear or be told I am a failure. That if only I loose the weight I would be happy again. I was thrilled for 3 years, I find that like a smoker I stuff the food in mouth for I get stressful and this calms me down for the momennt. I hope I have found a place of freedom where I can share my true feelings, fears and hopes. God bless all and Happy New Year!

highlandcitygirl 2008-12-29 10:23:27 -0600 Report

yes , you are good with me!! OLD HABITS CAN COME BACK AND BITE YOU IN THE BUTT! that being said i encourage you to take one day at a time, do what you can in that day and then go on to the next. if you mess up one day you have another to try again! for that matter sometimes its one hour at a time! YOU ARE NOT a failure.

GabbyPA 2008-12-26 08:54:03 -0600 Report

I used to do this to myself. I felt for a long time that it was my fault for breaking my body. I am the last in my family to get it, and all but my dad struggled with weight. It is hard not to associate the two. Diabetes is not a fat person's disease.
The government is pushing this thru the so called campaigns to curb obesity and diabetes in our children. They constantly link the two, so it is only normal that those who do not have it in the family do the same. We need to educate them propperly.

Now that I have been learing and researching it, I have come to understand that it is a family trait. And while I might have been able to delay it more years by taking better care of myself, I don't think I would have prevented it forever. Both sides of my family have type 2 and other thyroid issues, so my time was just up.

I don't believe it is tied to weight as much as it is to lifestyle. There are just as many unhealthy normal weight folks out there. Under weight is not good either and can lead to exactly the same disease.
I have read a study that suggested that having diabetes in our genes is what leads to obesity in some people, not the other way around.
All said, I know that being overweight is not good in any book. Being my ideal weight will not make my diabetes go away. But it will make me able to control my levels better thru more exercise and healthier habits.

kdroberts 2008-12-23 19:45:04 -0600 Report

Ask them to show you the studies that prove that. Then ask why, if they are medically qualified, are they not working as a doctor/nurse.

2008-12-23 19:39:06 -0600 Report

I have never had anyone tell me that, however, in my case that isn't necessarily the case. Even though I am overweight, there are those in my family who are, or have been diabetic, who were not overweight. My great-grandmother lost a leg to diabeties, but was not overweight. I think they need to get a life and read up on the subject. Diabeties can be and usually is genetic.

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