Allergy Testing and Type 1 Diabetes

Dr John
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This year in the Northeast, we have had one of the worst allergy seasons ever. Sometimes my allergy was so severe, I would fall asleep in my desk chair and consequently, my BG would rise. So, I finally decided to get tested (skin test) last Thursday. I reacted to 30 antigens. They never saw anything like it. Now, they give oral drops under the tongue instead of shots and found it to be just as effective. I'm waiting for my serum to arrive.

How does this effect type 1 diabetes? Exposure to allergens cause sleepiness and a rise in BG. Also, ingestion of a food allergen will raise your BG. I tested positive for wheat allergy. If I ate wheat, my BG would increase by 100 mg/dl. Most type 1 diabetes have this allergy or sensitivity to wheat and gluten, which inhibits the uptake of cysteine from the intestinal track.

All types 1's should probably get tested. Most insurances cover it.


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