My boyfriends diabetes

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So I came on this site a few weeks ago because my boyfriend has diabetes and I felt like I couldn't comfort him well enough when he got irritated about all the medicines and finger poking etc. I have CFRD (cystic fibrosis related diabetes; I have cystic fibrosis) but I'm not on an medicines for it yet; just to monitor it with occasional finger pokes. When my boyfriend is having a bad day about being irritated with diabetes and all the medicines, how can I comfort him in a diabetes related way? I try to telling him with my CF that all my medicine sucks, but it's for the best, but I know that isn't good enough. Any advice is welcome, many thanks from an amateur diabetic supporter:)

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Starry_D 2013-10-13 19:03:47 -0500 Report

I would say to remind him, you aren't the reason he has diabetes. He isn't the only one with diabetes, and even when it gets hard, you love him any you'll be there for him. Through the good and the bad days.

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