Watch out for Your Skin!

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Skin complications can cause serious consequences. Taking care of your skin is essential. Most diabetics experience dry, itchy skin and poor wound healing. Over time a serious complication can develop from high blood sugar, nerve damage, called neuropathy. This affects the feet.
Keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water to help prevent dry skin.
Moisture skin daily - helps prevent flaky skin.
Use sun screen to protect from the hot sun. This will dry and age the skin.
Clean out cuts or scrapes-then cover with a bandage. If it gets red, swollen, or draining-call your Doctor.
Check your feet daily.
Diabetes doesn't lead to these complications but it's the uncontrolled high blood sugar that causes them.
Very important to put your focus on blood sugar control.

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Pengomama 2013-10-09 13:32:53 -0500 Report

Hi there Ladida,
I do have neuropathy in my feet pretty bad. I take so much meds for this. I drink a lot of water as well, at least 60oz a day plus. My blood surgar is under good control but my trigliserides are up. I am following the docs advise and not eating anything white. Hope it is helping. Anything else you can tell me about feet neuropathy?
So nice to talk with you, thanks!

Ladida 35
Ladida 35 2013-10-10 07:44:37 -0500 Report

H Sherry. I don't have experience with neuropathy but I do with pain and I can lessen and sometimes eliminate it by avoiding wheat/gluten. Carbs cause pain also. I hope it helps. Diana

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