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I've just found out recently that one of my favorite informative television series dLife: For Your Diabetes no longer airs on CNBC but online instead; while this may be good news for some or many, there is one thing that still concerns me. What if an individual is unable to view that particular show due to limited internet access or something else along that nature? The first time that I've had the pleasure of viewing dLife was a few years ago and since that time, I've always recorded the series on my HD DVR so that I'll never miss a single informative episode because I truly feel that dLife has become a lifeline in regards to fighting and conquering diabetes; I've had Type II diabetes for over 10 years now and everyday it continues to be a struggle for me without a doubt. I've had my share of ups and downs that became literally life or death for me; my mom and grandfather suffered from the dreadful disease with my grand dad losing his big toe & succumbing to the illness later on in his life. My mother also had diabetes due in part to the family history but that wasn't the reason why she passed away; stage 4 uterine cancer took away the most wonderful friend and awe-inspiring source of mother inspiration that a girl could ask for. Everyday I miss her but I know she's looking down at me with that wonderful smile of hers and watching over me; in all I'm very grateful for the endearing wondrous support that I've received here since becoming a member of Diabetic Connect. Has anyone experienced the same situation in regards to dLife no longer airing on local television? If there's anything else that I can say in regards to the matter at hand, it's that I wish it could air on a different TV channel instead of being solely available online only.

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JoleneAL 2013-10-27 14:39:19 -0500 Report

I only watched it a few times and it seemed geared more for the T1 than the T2. And frankly, in a half hour, there were more commercials than information. I stopped watching years ago. I'm sorry they pulled it if you enjoyed it so much.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2013-10-07 13:10:46 -0500 Report

I rarely watch those kinds of programs because they serve no purpose for me at all. I have watched it a few times when I got emails reminding me it was on. That was earlier this year. I didn't know that it was no longer on the air because I requested that the notifications be stopped. When these kinds of programs are removed it could be several reasons. Contract problems, there are not enough viewers or there have been complaints about content of what is being said regarding the topic. CNBC may have wanted that slot for something they think could be more interesting to viewers. Other channels may not pick it up at all since it only airs one night. People who are interested will just have to watch it online. This could also stop if people do not watch it. If it is on line and you want to watch an episode you can always check You Tube to see if they have posted it there. If so, open an account and save it to downloads and it will be there until it is removed from You Tube.

I was channel surfing one night and came upon our local PBS station. They were airing a program about health and it was diabetes. This was during one of their pledge weekends. It had aired several times during the week. I noticed it was pulled once the "Doctor" said there is no such thing as diabetes and people should not worry about it. After the program I noticed the phones were not ringing. I checked out their facebook page and people were enraged. This is why I don't watch Dr. Oz or any of the other programs that offer health advice. Much of it can be very inaccurate or controversal.

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