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Grandma Jackie
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My question is does anyone on here know where or who to talk to about getting help with getting your medical supplies. Our son just found out that he has type 2 diabetes, and needs to know who can help him get his insulins. The way we found out was he was injured at work and was air lifted to another hospital and they found out he had it. With this government shut down it has made it hard to get help that way. I have checked several pharmacies to price his insulin vials and all stores are about $100. per vial.

Thank you,

Grandma Jackie

P.S. He is to old for his dad and I to put him on our health insurance, or we would.

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correctionsnurse1 2013-10-03 21:02:16 -0500 Report

For Lantus you can contact Sanofi Patient Assistance at 1-888-847-4877. You will need to apply and send in verification of income and the prescribing MD will need to send a correctly filled out RX (make sure you specify if you want the Solostar pen or vials). Hope this helps.

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