Eye and neck pain/diet/sleep/variations in B/S

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I am type 2, newly diagnosed within a year. I did try keeping track of BS but fell away from it until the last few months. I am 69, female and have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue for which I take Cymbalta but have cut down because I read that it increases BS. I take pain med and an occasional xanax for anxiety or 1/2 Nuvigul to stop being so tired and sleepy which no one understands. Then I'm crabby when it wears off. I also take 2 meds for blood pressure which has been good, 1/2 sleeping med and Nuerontin for restless leg and shooting pains/tingling in hands (feet sometimes). It drives me crazy…it'll zing me when trying to cut meat and is tingly alot writing this. I want to crochet but it's to hard with the numbness and pain. Also take Dexilant for acid reflux, plus on a CPAP for sleep apnea but am having trouble with any mask I try. They leak air. Diet has been difficult…hungry all the time. I don't eat many carbs except my nightly popcorn which helps stomach acid. Yes, it really does. Tonight was boneless pork chop and 1/2 potato, gravy was just mushroom soup, some cucumber, tiny carrots and cherry tomatoes. Night B/S was just 132 but has been much higher on other days…after Chinese food last week was 247, 4 hours later…And didn't even have rice or noodles, tho did have won ton and a tiny cream puff.
Which of these conditions or meds could cause the headache behind my right eye and down my neck? I love to read and stay up until the wee hours but haven't been doing a lot of it because of the pain. Everything seems to cause me stress, especially tapping on this IPad, or using any computer…can't type much on the lap top. because the space bar doesn't work…and the IPad can't access the pictures on the lap top to download here. Ok…complaining too much. must stop. Forgot, I take Metformin too. I'm a little overweight but am losing slowly.

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