Winter Foot Care

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hello everyone and happy holidays to you all.
Lets keep this a safe holiday by taking care of our feet for the winter so we can enjoy the holidays and walk in the spirit of the season.
Every season has its own problems for our feet. But winter is the toughest for me!
Please, take care of your feet in the winter. this time of year many people wear double socks and their feet sweat. if this is the case for you, once you come in the house, take off the double socks and wash your feet and dry them very well. For those of us who tend to go out and wear shoes that are not boots, our feet get wet. This is not good either. Get into the habit of brining a extra pair of shoes and socks with you and changing into them to keep your feet dry. For those of us with poor circulation, do not go out and let your toes get cold. if your toes are hurting from cold, get your butt in the house and get those shoes off. Rub your toes and feet and get the circulation going and put on some warm socks and putt-putts.
make sure that if you have boots that are old they do not leak. Slurge a little if you have to and get your feet measured and buy some quality boots. if you will be wearing double socks, make sure you get measured with double socks. Dry feet tends to mean dry toe nails. Keep your nails trimmed and keep an eye on them for cracking.
Calasus may form so go to a doctor and learn how to properly remove them or file them.
I know I am forgeting something here, so if any one has another tip for winter care, add it so we can keep on walking. Socks are important too. Get socks that will absorb sweat and keep feet try.

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Avera 2008-12-22 21:52:47 -0600 Report

This is great information to remind us all. Sometimes we spend lots of time on hands and faces and forget about our feet because they are all covered up. I needed to have this brought to my attention. I was in Walgreen's today and noticed that they now have a Walgreen's brand that is equavilant to the Eucerin brand. It was a whole lot cheaper. Thanks for the reminder concerning foot care in the winter.

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2008-12-21 12:07:13 -0600 Report

If you do get your feet wet make sure you get them out of the wet socks and shoes as soon as you can. It also helps me to make sure I coat them with lotion before I go out and if I get wet, I lotion them again after drying them off. Lubriderm Advanced Therapy works well for me.

midget 2008-12-21 10:23:11 -0600 Report

foot care is very important, make sure your shoes fit but not to tight. make sure that your feet stay dry in this cold weather.

GabbyPA 2008-12-21 10:21:54 -0600 Report

Thanks. This is my first winter with diabetes and so these are great precautions. Something I have been struggeling with is cold feet at night when I am trying to sleep. Socks don't always make them feel warm. So something I have been doing is heating up my theraputic rice bag and putting it under the covers with my feet. I don't put it ON my feet, but I let the radiant heat fill the area around me feet and it has helped me a lot at night. It eventually cools and so I can fall asleep without worry of burning my tootsies.

2008-12-21 10:11:32 -0600 Report

Good foot care is always important, but especially when you are diabetic. Take all the precautions you need.

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