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Lately I have been so tired all I wanna do is sleep. I work a full time job and have a house to take care of after work and things to get done and just don't have time to sleep all day. I wake up after 8-9 hours of sleep still feeling exhausted. My doctors have checked my b-12, my thyroid, done full blood work Panel. Everything normal. So now they are blaming it on the diabetes. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Amy2290 2013-10-27 14:14:43 -0500 Report

I agree it must be the diabetes, but how do u fix it. I'm type 1 too which I'm sure doesn't help any. All I wanna do is nap all day. Even now, I'm on vacation, slept til 9:30 and it's only 2:00 now and I'm dying for a nap

MoeGig 2013-10-06 07:46:35 -0500 Report

I've felt this fatigue on and off over the years, but there's usually a reason. The last one was my blood pressure was running too low. So, I cut the med in half (at Doctor's suggestion) and it worked. Buy a cheap blood pressure tester at CVS and check it a couple times a day or when you feel tired.

pamdora 2013-10-05 07:27:43 -0500 Report

I am a newbie t2 and been have trying to lower my bs with diet and meds my dr has me on metformen I have been on it for almost a month and i am not so much as sleepy as I am weak feeling like I have lead replacing my blood its hard to keep my head up sometimes this happens i have been getting my bs down to 116-120 than a day will come I get enegy for a few hours than it gone poof! My quality of life has change so much but i am bless i wake every morning

sohk 2013-10-03 22:28:33 -0500 Report

I have the same symptoms and i try to be in good health but I am very tired I want to organize my time

TJCudney 2013-10-03 22:08:26 -0500 Report

I feel the way but it's happened to me too. I wasn't taking care of myself and I was super tired all the time. I've been taking care of myself trying to keep my sugars under 200 for a week, so far successful, and honey I am STILL tired haha it could be a mix Of things. Stress is a huge roll in it too. Wanna talk? I'm here(:

Bun10 2013-10-03 08:03:19 -0500 Report

Timing is everything. I reread my Summer Diabetic Living and came across an article discussing Statins causing fatigue. Having said that, so many diabetics on this discussion group have mentioned fatigue that I feel diabetes must be a contributing factor. That is not gospel. It is simply my opinion.

joemonzo08 2013-10-02 21:35:20 -0500 Report

Seems like you are doing a lot to me. In my opinion you need a couple days rest. Before diabetes I did the same and was tired just as much. Probably need to rest a for a couple of days and recharge. The diabetes may gave an effect on the recovery of each day.

Peterdean 2013-10-02 20:31:44 -0500 Report

Amy, I've been a diabetic for four yrs now and I also feel tired all the time. I feel like I can just fall asleep at any time

Amy2290 2013-10-02 14:46:40 -0500 Report

No I'm on insulin I'm a type 1 diabetic. Lantus and novalog. They have me on lisinopril to protect my kidneys

Bun10 2013-10-02 09:29:42 -0500 Report

Many of us feel that way. Others here have talked about it. I think Webster fell short not having a word that means way beyond exhausted. In the search for what makes me tired two things popped up. I was tested for sleep apnea which I had. My getting a Cpap machine made a big difference. Are you on a statin??? That could be the culprit. I called my doctor twice from work and said, "I don't know what is wrong with me, but I don't know if I can make it through the day." He grunted a bit but did nothing until I was there for my 3 mo visit and he said he was taking me off the statin. Why? He said he was on it for 2 weeks and it was ruining his tennis game!!! I still get tired but now I don't feel like my body is filled with lead and I can't lift my head.

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