Charcot Foot

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I have had diabetes for 53 years and have just been diagnosed with Charcot Foot. Is the anybody out there with the same diagnosis? What kind of exercise do you do since walking is not and opyion?

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Alex282 2013-11-21 16:46:15 -0600 Report

In October 2012 i made a misstep, but due to neuropathy I did not feel any pain. Seemed like a regular ankle issue. But the doctor sent me to hospital. Diagnose was charcot! I had to stay for a week, and after a few days my foot was corrected with a steel pin in it. My foot was plastered. After discharge I was not allowed to use my foot, and had to keep it upwards. This situation lasted for seven months. (That is not an extreme long time for charcot!!!)
After those 7 months I got my orthopedic shoes and I could start walking again. During the seven months I could not do anything else but lying on the couch all day. And use crutches in both hands for short walks. It was a hard period. Not only for me but for all our family. My advice to speed up the progress: listen to the doctors and to your body! That helps me through my diabetic and all the complications I have..

nanaandme 2013-11-21 17:55:39 -0600 Report

Same with me…a misstep, but the doctors did pretty much nothing for me. After it happened again they put me in a knee high brace (to keep it stable, I can't bent my ankle) attached to a diabetic shoe. Since I walk unbalanced I now have terrible back pain. I do what my doctor tells me, but this is a difficult complication from Diabetes.

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