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My medical Doctor : my medical doctor. I "NEED" a new Rx for my fluid pills. I had my Cvs pharmarcy call her to get me new Rx. know here fun part, my hands , feet , toes & stomach, & lower intestine s are swollen. & I having a hard time breathing & Having pains in my stomach , so I had to use my inhaler so I could sleep last nite. I have appointment tom see Dr. Kim today. Now let me tell U about my arhur Dr, she told me called me in a pain pill into my CVS pharmancy I have been trying for 1 week to see it she did & Dr. Kim both doctors have not called My CVS for the pills. . I am pissed off with these 2 doctor. & its funny I don't have rheumatoid , then what do I have when it rains my hands swell up & when rain comes down my hands start feeling better Ruth Tinkerbell54.

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Bun10 2013-09-29 15:28:49 -0500 Report

Well, tinkerbell, I have arthritis but no RA. One of my best friends has RA. A pain pill doesn't touch her pain. She has to have infusions every month and she never forgets because as the time draws near for her infusions she is in pain. Visit a rheumatologist and get a definitive answer. Osteo arthritis is no walk in the park either though. Good talking to you the other day!

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