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Just came from dr we weighed pros and cons of reconstruction of my foot . He advised against it at this time because there are no open wounds. I going for MRI soon to see where my foot is at. He wants to order new brave for me which will hold my foot up. I will have to wear it for the rest of my life. Just wondering if anyone else is going through this. Did the foot stay stable or worsen? Has anyone with neuropathy ever try a special sock with a stimulator for bedtime. What was the results?

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long island girl
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I usually don't wake up feeling so down on myself as I have been lately my diabetes neuropathy is getting worse I am in a brace on my left leg. All I am doing is crying now all morning. I know the only place that will understand what I am going through is here. I go to work wishing the day away can't wait to go home to my bedroom it is a horrible feeling. I feel like no one cares. I am sorry but am having a pity party for myself today I feel so alone. Is anyone else suffering with charcot foot? How are you coping? I can't lose weight because I can't exercise. I am so depressed.