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Ok when I was 13 the shakes with cold seers and they did all these test on me but they couldn't find nothing so I delt with this till I was 19 then I found out I was pregnant. And didn't have none of that well I was pregnant but I had toxsemea and had my first son 5 weeks early. Then about 2month after I had him the drs told me I was produced to much insulin and had to control it with food and then 2 years later I had my second. Son and he was full term and healthy then in 2008 something felt different. In my body I was was still have low surgar spells but now it had a different feeling so I had the drs do a blood test and it was fasting so it shouldn't have been 140 but they said it was normal then time went on then in 2010 . I woke up an I was in lots of pain and I was bleeding in my urine like it was my period but it wasn't and I went to the drs and I had a saver uti. And they said my urine was saturated with surgar. And they pricked my finger and my bg was 280 and said I was dehydrated. And wanted to put me in the hospital and I was in like denial. And said no what can I do instead and have been on meds sence but I still go in spells of denial. And don't know why

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