Diabetics Need to Keep Moving!

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Exercise provides huge benefits for diabetics. It helps lower the blood sugar levels and helps the body to use insulin. Also helps avoid complications by improving circulation in arms, legs and helps reduce nerve pains and most definitely with reducing weight. Check first with your doctor and he can suggest what is best for you.
With diabetes it is best to eat before exercising 1-3 hours. Before you start, check your blood sugar levels and if you are below 100 mg/dl eat a small snack, but if you are 250 mg/dl do not exercise. Instead check with your doctor. When exercising if you feel shaky, anxious or faint, weak, confused or are sweating more than usual, or get a headache—You should stop immediately. Check your blood sugar levels and if low, eat small snack and recheck after 15 minutes.
Watch your feet to protect against injuries. Wear cotton socks and shoes that have lot of toe room. Check your feet before/after exercise for blisters, cuts, bumps or redness.
Always carry your medial ID bracelet/necklace and fast acting carbs that can raise your blood sugar levels if you go low like hard candy, glucose tablets, small box of raisins and always remember to drink fluids, before, during and after exercise.
Even to use small arm weights sitting in a chair helps. Baby steps help us to move a little further each day against our fight with diabetes!

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tabby9146 2013-10-04 15:48:14 -0500 Report

I love this articleI can't stress enough the importance of exercise for everyone, especially diabetics. I know how much it has helped me over the last nearly 5 years, since I was diagnosed. IT has helped keep my numbers normal, WITH of course, the help of a good diet, everything in "moderation" I can have, everyone is different, but back to exercise, I do light low impact aerobics, fast walking, yoga, bike riding, dancing mostly. I love the Just Dance DVDs and I do yoga every single day, and later in the day when I have more time, some type of cardio exercise and I like pilates too. Yoga helps so much for my mood too. Always check your BS before and after exercise like it says.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2013-09-29 22:11:42 -0500 Report


I haven't been in touch with you in the longest time. It is always fantastic to see you posts and to read your wise and inspiring words.

I hope you are doing well!


hotmoma12 2013-09-29 01:29:39 -0500 Report

I love to walk! I walk about 3to4miles a week. I have not walked to much sence I started college. I have been at college for five weeks. Tomarow is will be going walking.

AuntBee1945BK 2013-09-29 01:17:49 -0500 Report

I am to get a new C Pap machine, I am very excited about, due to the fact that I have not been getting suitable amount of oxygen. Feeling brain fog.
On the subject of exercise, I have been using the excuse that I don't like doing the exercise alone. I guess an excuse for not doing it at all. I was a dancer in my younger years and know the advantage of exercise. Something I love to do.. Funny and sad what we do to our self. When we know better…

AuntBee1945BK 2013-09-29 01:26:01 -0500 Report

Be glad to get ride of my old C Pap machine.. ha The wind and rain, has been blowing hard all day long. Wanted to get out, but don't like the wind. Can deal with the rain. The wind is a different story. ha Tomorrow is Sunday, have to remember to call my sister.! Family.. Priceless …

GabbyPA 2013-09-26 10:46:18 -0500 Report

Yes, sometimes I think exercise is the most overlooked benefit to our health. I know I get lazy streaks and I feel it. Now, I am in a good place with room for improvement, but walking every day and then going to the gym for a good hour swim a couple of times a week just makes me feel better in so many ways.
I am also considering taking a Qi Gong class that helps you find balance inside yourself.

MewElla 2013-09-27 15:59:38 -0500 Report

Exercise just makes me feel better all over. Walking and swimming super combo.!!

GabbyPA 2013-09-28 20:00:05 -0500 Report

Yes, and today it also included wood chopping! LOL Getting ready for winter and using the fireplace. THAT will work up a sweat.