Living a 3rd shift lifestyle living with diabetes

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I am new to all this but here it goes. I hope I don't screw this up somehow. But here is a little bit of what has been going on with me. I went to my Gastroenterologists the other day and I have been diagnose Gastroparesis; And so I had to go see my Endocrinologist the other day and he wants me to get this new device called V-Go for taking my insulin. I am kind of scared about that. He already wanted me to get a insulin pump which I decided not to do. And he also wants me to lose weight. Which I know I need to do but it is so hard. I would like to lose about 100 pounds. He put me on a new medicine called Invokana, adjusted my insulins and wants me to go to a class to learn about how to use this new V-Go insulin device, I don't know if I want to start using anything else, let alone know the differences between what devices or insulin pumps. And which one would be the best. I am worried that if I go with something else we won't be able to afford it, since I already have trouble paying for all the medicines and things I need now. And I am feeling frustrated. I just can not figure out how take my medicines and keep my sugar down with the kind of schedule that we live. We live a 3rd shift lifestyle so I am trying to figure out how and when I should eat, when I should take my insulin shots along with my other medications. And I don't know where to get help. I have tried to talk to my endocrinologist about this a couple of times. Once he said he would set me up with a dietitian but that never happened so.

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