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By Barbera Latest Reply 2013-09-21 17:58:23 -0500
Started 2013-09-21 09:47:31 -0500

Does anyone have this problem? When I was diagnosed 19 yrs ago, these inner shakes is what drove me to the doctor for testing. Both of my parents were diabetics, my dad type one and my mom type two. Anyway, I was having these innerspring shakes only when I was waking up in the mornings. After diagnosis and consequent control, they disappeared 17 yrs ago. About 6 months ago they have come back with a vengeance. I am diagnosed as type two. Each time I go to sleep, whether at bedtime or napping, I wake with these inner shakes. So far, none of my doctors can explain this occurrence. I feel there must be some reason for this occurring. It worries me that this might be a prelude to more problems. Any insight would be appreciated.

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silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-09-21 11:01:46 -0500 Report

It's a ver unstable and scary feeing and doctors have run tests on me and cannot find a reason. They are calling it anxiety.

silvie mae
silvie mae 2013-09-21 10:59:40 -0500 Report

I have this, I think it's anxiety.

Barbera 2013-09-21 17:58:23 -0500 Report

I have anxiety, but do not feel this is what is causing the problem, unless it is the medication they have me on. I do not suffer anxiety when I wake up, but it is very disturbing not being able to pin down what is causing them. Thanks for the input.

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