Newly diagnosed and feeling awfully sad

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Hi everyone,

My name is Bria and I'm 33 years old. A week ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which my doctor believes is a result of me being insulin resistant due to having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I am happily married (just celebrated our 3 year anniversary this week!) and have a beautiful and perfect 15 month old daughter named Charlotte. Given my history of PCOS and the fact that my father is diabetic, my diagnosis is not a total surprise, and I'm not upset in the 'why me?' kind of way.

When I was 19 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes after a routine urinalysis revealed glucose in my urine. From that moment on, I was vigilant about managing my BS. I followed the diet to the letter, exercised every day and my sugars were consistently ideal—never over 120. The week I went into labor, my A1C was 5% and my Charlotte was perfect at 7lbs 5oz and 20 inches long. I did everything right and it showed.

I have been eating the exact same way I did when I was pregnant since my diagnosis and have consistently had sugars in the 160-170 range. I'm frustrated and upset…scared, really. My doctor doesn't seem worried and tells me to keep doing what I'm doing and keep taking my meds (500mg of metformin with dinner) and he'll see me next month. He says my sugar is like a thermostat and since it's been elevated, it'll take time to get it back down. Logically, I know this but it feels so discouraging to not be getting the same results I did when I had GD.

Are the two really that different? Am I being unrealistic because I saw such a change before? I feel so alone with this—the only other diabetic I know is my dad, and he is non-compliant and has a 'do as I say and not as I do' attitude. The diabetes educator here is awful…I refused to ever meet with her again after she told me that my GD would kill my baby because she didn't think I'd be compliant. I showed her! I guess I'm just feeling lonely, scared and discouraged and am looking for people who get it.

If you read this whole thing, thanks. I feel the frustrated tears coming on again so I'm done rambling.

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missbriarita 2013-09-21 20:39:57 -0500 Report

I've been on metformin a week. He prescribed 2 500mg pills once a day, but when I told him that in the past (when I was first diagnosed with PCOS) it made me really sick, he said to start with one and go to two when I was acclimated. I just increased to the full dose and find I'm less nauseated on the two than I was on the single pill. Yay!

hpcdiabetes 2013-09-21 19:19:16 -0500 Report

Don't get frustrated. Levels are going to be up and down sporadically. However I do have one question…how long have you been on metformin 500mg once a day? A large majority of patients are on 500mg BID for insulin resistance, which is the common standard for frontline treatment.

It may be worth asking your doc about upping your dose to twice a day…